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Every once in awhile on your mission of pursuit God does what I call "Faith Teases". Which means he gives you just a climpse of what's to come if you remain faithful.

I was trying to hold off on sharing blogs like this until I was able to spread the word about it a little more, however I felt inspired so hey :)

Anywhoo, since the age of 11 I have been working. No seriously, I've had atleast one job since then. (Yeah I'm a hustler) but i'm only 16, so just a few years:)

My prayer 4 as long as I can remember has been
"Lord just give me a chance, I won't screw up"

That is clearly my mind set. I don't slack off once I get my foot in the door. I work harder, not to prove myself but to make me proud. I know in my mind what I'm capable of, and I operate from that place in all I do.

Above are sneak previews.
**I arrived 40 min. early 4 my shoot today, as always. With L.A. traffic, I'm never late, I rather leave wayyyyy to…



For the first year in a long time I’m approaching my next birthday and I don’t feel anxiety. While I do feel this past year went extremely to fast, I do thank God that I haven’t lost my memory, as last years b-day seems like only yesterday.

I can honestly say this past year has laid an amazing foundation of what’s to come.

For some reason this entry was challenging to write. I had so much I wanted to say about my journey this past year that I kept getting scattered brain.


When considering this past year I consider

Each one forces me to recall diff. circumstances that I have found myself struggling as well as where I found my strength.
In considering these things, I smile. I’m content with this past year because of what I have accomplished within my mind, body and spirit.

I lost, I loved, I CRIED, boy did I cry, I prayed, I fast, I Tried, I accepted, I rejected, I wondered, but above all I learned!!! My g…

QUOTE of the week

"Nothing will ever work, unless you do"
maya angelou

This is my "off week" for posting but I have an entry I am trying to post by end of day tomorrow, keep an eye out

Tell me what you think about the Maya quote ;)

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Can i trust you with my dreams?

I've been referred to as strong, determined, unwavering,driven,uncompromising, passionate,focused etc. I can't deny that I am all of those things (good or bad it's true) My desire TO BE... keeps me pushing. I love competition, I'm intrigued by a challenge, I crave WINNING however, with all of those things en lies a sense of vulnerability that almost no one sees.

When I left Baltimore, I was hit with a ton of bricks. Those bricks were Caucasian, Asian, Trinidadian, Latina, Yugoslavian, and every other nationality you can imagine and they all wanted the same things I wanted. Some were smarter, some were prettier, some where taller,lol, most were taller... Suddenly, my little Baltimore bubble of competition, that I had become accustom to, was swallowed up in "the world". However, I was never intimidated by strangers.The whole big fish little pond premise never phased me. I learned fast, I didn't have a choice, and I excelled. I've excelled time and time …

Quote of the week

My blog post is a bi-weekly focus for me. However, on the "off weeks" I would love to share simply a quick thought or quote or a simple inspiration for the week.

If you guys have a cute suggestion for what i should title it, comment back with your ideas.

This quote is referring to the doubt you feel in your heart

"Naturally it's afraid that, in pursuing your dream,
you might lose everything you've ever won." Paulo Coelho- (yeah I'm kinda obssesed w/him)

This is such a common thread in the many "aspiring" individuals I meet. It's also, something that has plagued me for several years as well. From a personal perspective. I finally realize

No Sugar: If what I have now is all I every really want, than I can afford to let my dreams slip away. But, if what I have now will never truly satisfy my personal mission, it's not worth having. I'd rather sacrifice letting it all go, at a chance to grab what means everything to me. oohhh shit, yall kn…

Is it lonely at the top, or is just on the way to the top?

"Whoever you are, or whatever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you REALLY want something, it's because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It's your mission on earth." Paulo Coelho

While this quote provides so much hope it also raises so many questions.

If what I want is my life's mission, will it take my life time to achieve it?

If I close my eyes real tight, and allow my mind to wonder into the depths of my dreams. There lye's a dream I had sooo many years ago and if I speak today, candidly as if no one is around to judge me, in my current truth- my past dream in lies the same.

It just won't go away!

I knew my life's mission since b4 I can remember. There were days when it was so clear, there were months when I denied it wholeheartedly, there were years when I embraced it conveniently, and there were times when it was so undeniable it consumed me.

What I've begun learning in recent months is..

It's not about how long …