Can i trust you with my dreams?

I've been referred to as strong, determined, unwavering,driven,uncompromising, passionate,focused etc. I can't deny that I am all of those things (good or bad it's true) My desire TO BE... keeps me pushing. I love competition, I'm intrigued by a challenge, I crave WINNING however, with all of those things en lies a sense of vulnerability that almost no one sees.

When I left Baltimore, I was hit with a ton of bricks. Those bricks were Caucasian, Asian, Trinidadian, Latina, Yugoslavian, and every other nationality you can imagine and they all wanted the same things I wanted. Some were smarter, some were prettier, some where taller,lol, most were taller... Suddenly, my little Baltimore bubble of competition, that I had become accustom to, was swallowed up in "the world". However, I was never intimidated by strangers.The whole big fish little pond premise never phased me. I learned fast, I didn't have a choice, and I excelled. I've excelled time and time again however when your still in pursuit you become comfortable with competing. My mind is non stop, I am constantly prepared for the next thing, I'm always seeking the next thing, I always want to be better. All day everyday I am competing, my game face is on and I can handle anything

My God, I could write for days on this topic and this could potentially go ten thousand directions. However, the one pt. I have set out to make is simply put

As you pursue your dreams your relationships begin to carry allot more depth than ever before. I'm starting to realize that I personally regard relationships (ie: friendships, companion, family, etc.) by, if I can trust this person with my dreams. My dreams have become so primal in my life's mission that anyone sharing in my space I'm quickly determining if I can trust them with my dreams. This "mission" is so detrimental to my happiness that I can't hold it in, I find myself telling people who didn't ask, telling people who really shouldn't know, sharing with people just to inspire them and so on. It's so obsessive that there are very few conversations I entertain If I don't think the person respects my aspirations.

I have learned in recent months that

I have people who are very dear to me who I can't trust with my dreams partly because perhaps they haven't YET realized their own.

I have people who before I could remember have ALWAYS been a source of inspiration. I may not speak with them often, I may not see them but there spirit resonates on so many levels to keep me focused. (Sam,Melanie,Cam etc.)

I have people who I wanted more than anything to trust with my dreams but wasn't able to, for what ever reason(s). (u know who you r ;)

Suddenly I found myself consumed

wrapped up in manifesting my dreams

cocooned in limitless aspirations

and swaddling this determined, unwavering,uncompromising person, is love.

"love is.... the ability to trust someone with your dreams"

Love inspired me to write this blog. In a very short time love has consistently supported my dreams
Love has never commented on how I'm pursuing them, rather lent itself to how it can help me pursue
love has built me up whenever I felt less than, love has co-signed when I was most proud of myself
love has accepted the person that my aspirations have forced me to become
love has seen a vulnerability that has been guarded for so long from nearly everyone

Paulo Coehlo said

"I am following my personal legend, it's not something I expect you to understand"

To Love: I never expected you to understand, somehow you just do ;-)

NO Sugar: Love has never been and never will be selfish. It knows no boundaries, it isn't effected with timing and it isn't determined by personal aspirations. Love is a desire to be. If you desire to be anything, you desire to be loved. In finding love, you are capable of fulfilling all desires. In life, seek what you love and true love will truly find you. Love doesn't require you to give up, it inspires you to release and accept new.


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