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Actor Milestone- Hello NBC!

Hey Guys, 
  I wanted to share another actor milestone with you. Taping this show was a full circle moment for me. I'd read this script during a time when I wasn't working, It was so slow for me that I was 'creating' work for myself. I was reading scripts, I was getting on camera daily, I was sowing seeds that only God knew I was sowing and a little over a year later, this was a moment of harvest. I auditioned for the first time for this casting office and for this show, that I'd loved before it ever had a cast attached to it, and I booked and had an opportunity to tell an incredible team of actors how proud and inspired I am by their work. This was humbling, exciting and so perfectly aligned in God. 

  I pray I inspire someone into their purpose. I pray someone will read my words and say she is on assignment. I pray I never give a false perception of this business.  I pray I have an opportunity to use my platform for a purpose. I pray my work makes it easier for …