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Hey Guys, 
Happy New Year and Happy NEW SERIES!!!
Some of you guys may remember a skit series I created, when I first began acting, entitled  Definitely Not The 1
Well we repackaged the series, re shot the original episodes, shot NEW episodes and they are STREAMING NOW  on a brand new platform called MACXdigital
Click the link below to watch episodes!
Official Series Trailer!
Please be sure to follow  @dnt1series and @nikivadionne so you don't miss an episode, BTS footage or any of the promo videos we had such a great time shooting!
New Episodes are released every other THURSDAY!
ohhh, if you want to know what that extremely dope song is playing in the trailer it's SABI singing her track 'ONE' which is the title track for the  Definitely Not The 1 series!
Special thank you to everyone who watches, shares and gives me their feedback. I created, wrote, directed and starred in this series and your support truly means the world to m…