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You know I think "my stars were totally in alignment" because in two days I had two of the best head shots shoots EVER... I shot the following images with Don Tinling Headshots.. Don is quite possibly the most detailed oriented head shot photographer I've ever worked with . We had the best conversation prior to our shoot which really made me feel that he was looking to capture something more than a smile.
Ever so often you meet someone who ask all the rite questions and that's Don.. he covered all the basis down to telling me to make sure I wore the correct "under garments" with the tops I was bringing, lol..
It was a fun shoot and he totally listened to what my agent said they wanted from me. So much so that his images are the FIRST images they've gotten excited about, EVER, lol

Well below are a few of the images Don and I created and were selected by my agent

Thanx so m…


Super excited about this blog post
I had an amazing Head Shot Shoot with 
 Photographer Henning Fischer
The shoot took an hour. It was effortless, fun, and I received more images than I could narrow down.. I am seriously floored by how amazing this shoot was. Henning uses natural lighting, no flash and barely even considered the bounce board, that I think he only carried for decoration,lol.. Anywoo, I always love to get you guys feedback on new shots, Whats your favorite NON BIAS image and What Character do you see. My main goal for this shoot was to get images that read girl next door and that represent how I look when I go in an audition ohhh and to take the MODEL out of my look :-) So I decided on natural hair, min. make up and my ever faithful wife beater.. I'll let you know which ones my agent pics... also only one of the images below has been professionally edited so far

To learn more about this amazing photographer Henning Fischer visit him atwww.hpfphotography.comor MM#12…

Yup, I'm in this commercial

Hi Guys,
Check out the link below. I shot a commercial for Visit Vegas! It's currently airing on television. Well guess what that's me, the chick in the maroon bikini..if u watch it here you will see me,lol.. But, you can't blink.. I'm at .25seconds.. Let me tell ya! This TV stuff is hilarious.  To think, we shot an entire day, and I have sun burn STILL and this is all the footage that was used, is hilarious..

Anywhoooo So happy, to share this with you guys. I learned allot on this shoot and I feel so blessed to be apart of these opportunities...

Thanks for your continued support