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Because I LOVED U, I can let you go

God has an amazing way of showing glimpse of possibilities.. In The Alchemist they’re called Omens..but, I realized just recently how the same principles and expectations apply in every facet of my life. When it comes to career, love, friendship.. For me there is NO risk too great! I love like I’ve never been hurt, I work like the boss is looking over my shoulder.. I give 100% of myself and trust that If it’s not reciprocated, than it wasn’t gods last intention for me.. than I figure out the lesson and I move on..I just feel like “risk are worth it”, simple as that…
To draw a parallel for you guys I’ll use love and career
I had a career where I was GOOD.. no damn it, I was GREAT.. I mean I surprised myself with some of the things I came up with, that managed to be a huge success. But, there was a time when that relationship was SUPPOSE to end… and I knew I had over stayed my welcome. But, NO ONE else could understand why I would leave or allow things to end as they did or why I had s…

Leaving a definite for a possible

I’ve had mixed feelings this past week on several different things.. Namely
*My 1 year “Dream-averssary“ is approaching  (I left my job 11mths ago to pursue my dream) *Another birthday is rite around the corner  (which for the first time in years, I’m pretty excited about) *I made decisions this past week or so that have forced me to walk away from and turn down things that may no longer be an equitable situation for me
all of these things have given me bubble guts
I had a convo with E where I said out loud, that I FEEL LIKE I SHOULD BE FURTHER. Within hours God didn’t give me words but he gave me the words of others  to hold on to. I’m a big twitterer but I haven’t tweeted one thing today, because I had nothing to say.. However, I did RT (retweet) things others said.. and with their words I found my voice
As I sit on my bed with shoes all around me on the floor, clothes hanging from the canopy, accessories draped all over the place- preparing for a shoot tomorrow.. I asked myself, …