Because I LOVED U, I can let you go

God has an amazing way of showing glimpse of possibilities.. In The Alchemist they’re called Omens..but, I realized just recently how the same principles and expectations apply in every facet of my life. When it comes to career, love, friendship.. For me there is NO risk too great! I love like I’ve never been hurt, I work like the boss is looking over my shoulder.. I give 100% of myself and trust that If it’s not reciprocated, than it wasn’t gods last intention for me.. than I figure out the lesson and I move on..I just feel like “risk are worth it”, simple as that…

To draw a parallel for you guys I’ll use love and career

I had a career where I was GOOD.. no damn it, I was GREAT.. I mean I surprised myself with some of the things I came up with, that managed to be a huge success. But, there was a time when that relationship was SUPPOSE to end… and I knew I had over stayed my welcome. But, NO ONE else could understand why I would leave or allow things to end as they did or why I had such a cool understanding of something that made no sense to anyone else etc…

On the contrary at one time I also had a

 10 year relationship that prob was suppose to be a few year relationship, lol.. We had several experiences, love, hurt, disrespect, neglect, blame, laughter, tears, memories etc. etc. but what we didn’t have was the very same thing that has helped me in every facet of my life

The ability to say

”I gave THIS MAN, THIS JOB, THE PLACE, THIS FRIENDSHIP the very best of me. “

When you KNOW you’ve given your best to a situation there is an inner peace that allows you to walk away and feel comfortable seeking something different. This is not to say you didn’t do things wrong while you were there.. but this is to say.. If you know you gave YOUR BEST its much easier to accept that it wasn’t meant to be forever. You can love someone, hurt them unintentionally and still manage to love them past the pain and have a beautiful relationship.. but what you can’t do is burden yourself or allow yourself to be burden with the pain that once was. All anyone can ask is that you do your best. You won’t always make the rite decisions  but you will more than likely learn more from the missteps than you did from the intended ones.

I know now that our love relationship lasted so very long because we didn’t know how to give our all.. therefore neither one of us wanted to be “the first to say goodbye” <-- Dag, that’s a good song, lol

I’ve been told by some "ex's" that I give up to quickly, and my response has been.. You can’t cry longer than 3 days for anything.. If Jesus rose from the dead in 3days you can get over ANYTHING life throws at you.. It’s not some hard and fast 72hour deadline it’s more of the principle.. If you gave your all, you know you had no ill intentions, you know you didn’t treat anyone or any situation with less respect than you require.. you can accept the fact that maybe God is pushing you into new territory.

When I think about how long people stay at jobs or in relationships because they don’t truly believe there is anyone  or anything else that’s better and guaranteed to them, It drives me crazy.. God wants us to live fulfilled and happy lives, you can not conceive the love he has in store for you. My god when I think about the Love I’ve known since, I can’t believe how much I would have missed out on had I stayed and settled.

No sugar:  Be the best friend you know how to be, Be the best lover you can possibly imagine, Be the best employee they’ve ever had.. It’s not about if they treat you how you deserve to be treated.. because in the end you just want to be able to LET GO and walk away w/out bitterness, questions, doubts and fears.. and if you give the best of you you’ll have the closure necessary when it’s time to move on. You won’t need him to say sorry or the job to offer you a raise, you will be sufficient in yourself.

Love like you’ve never been hurt, Work like there are no short cuts and you’ll never have any regrets. Life gets better and better with every chance you take. NEVER SETTLE!

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