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I had no idea how selfish I must seem to God. I left Baltimore at 18 years old. Since the time I left I think I’ve probably mentioned 10,000 times the things I gave up to pursue this dream. The relationships I walked away from, The graduations, birthdays, mothers days and parties I miss out on, etc. While I realized early on that Baltimore had nothing to offer me in terms of my career, it’s my home. There are certain things and people you can’t get from anywhere else in the world, but ur home.Than suddenly you leave and how you remember home to be, changes each time you return.Baltimore will never be the same. I think when I left I wanted it to stay the same. I wanted my friends to always be there, I wanted the hope and carefree feelings of childhood to remain, I wanted to pick up rite where I left off each time I left and came back… but life keeps going and it took losing a life long friend for me to understand “God gave me this dream & it may have saved my life”
I get sooooo c…