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Hey guys,

I know, I know I don't blog as often as I use to I think Instagram is to blame, lol. But if you're reading this, thank you for being loyal to this blog and I have some new news!! Well 'newish' lol

STREAMING NOW on AMAZON PRIME the 2nd and Final season of HAND OF GOD and I'm honored to be in the SERIES FINALE EPISODE!

I will never forget booking this job, I cried like a baby. Each year my very thoughtful friends and family begin asking me what my birthday plans are and, since becoming an actor, I always respond by saying 'Hopefully I'll be working'. Listen it only sounds odd if you aren't an actor lol. We don't work everyday but we work everyday. What I mean is, I can literally count the number of days I'm on set each year. So Last year, like years prior, I prayed for work and God said YES when I booked this beautiful role just days before my birthday. I play Patterson a Med School drop out turned crime world underground medical go…