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Society says I'm unemployed, God says I'm on assignment

As we left dinner yesterday evening my friend and I saw a homeless man (going forward I’ll refer to him as Paul) laying on the cement in blankets on his cell phone. I watched the light on the phone and my first response was “He doesn’t have anywhere to stay who is he calling on the cell phone” I proceeded to say ”does the person on the other end know he doesn’t have anywhere to stay?” a surface conversation continued with what or who he could have been speaking with. We couldn’t understand how there could be anyone we’d want to talk to at 10pm if we were lying on the cement with no where to live. Fast Forward to this morning, had the best conversation with my mother and with no intention to bring up “paul” my eyes filled as my mother gave me advice pertaining to my own life. My reality was sent crashing, when i thought about how surface I'd been regarding  “paul” decisions, the night prior.
Mom: “People think about what You don’t have, but they forget to think about everything you…


Finding a photog is not the easiest task. You honestly have to connect to make a magical image and sometimes you never know how the dynamic will unfold. I've actually only had one "painful shoot" and that was my first shoot in L.A. so we will just call that beginners luck,lol..

However, other times you find someone who is professional, creative, focused and inviting at the same time. Newly relocated photog DANNY GRIFFIN.. My goodness timing is everything, since Danny has just relocated to L.A. from Atlanta he's offering an amazing price for his shoots and I had a chance to shoot with him last week. I liked him so much I had a friend of mine shoot with him the same week even b4 my shots came back :-)

Guess what i needed, Yup a commercial head shot, SMH.. I ran into one my agents on a sunday afternoon and he saw my hair wet and pinned up and went and told all the other agents that I need a picture "like that". Needless to say my stomach hit the floor when the…