Society says I'm unemployed, God says I'm on assignment

As we left dinner yesterday evening my friend and I saw a homeless man (going forward I’ll refer to him as Paul) laying on the cement in blankets on his cell phone. I watched the light on the phone and my first response was “He doesn’t have anywhere to stay who is he calling on the cell phone” I proceeded to say ”does the person on the other end know he doesn’t have anywhere to stay?” a surface conversation continued with what or who he could have been speaking with. We couldn’t understand how there could be anyone we’d want to talk to at 10pm if we were lying on the cement with no where to live. Fast Forward to this morning, had the best conversation with my mother and with no intention to bring up “paul” my eyes filled as my mother gave me advice pertaining to my own life. My reality was sent crashing, when i thought about how surface I'd been regarding  “paul” decisions, the night prior.
“People think about what You don’t have, but they forget to think about everything you DO have.”

I don’t think my mom knows how profound that statement truly is, was and always will be. I realized how primitive my thinking was the previous night. How I never gave any thought to what this man HAS, rather I couldn’t understand him having a phone when he DIDN’T HAVE a home.
(I’m going somewhere guys keep reading)

I can remember definitive times in my life when i suddenly felt I was alone, other times when i wanted to be alone, and also instances when i felt i needed to be alone to hear God's voice more clearly. It's such a conscious effort to remain faithful when society creates signs like yield, stop, proceed w/caution.. etc.
When these signs exist in our world it makes it hard to share your space and time with someone who doesn’t “get” your mission. Hell even those or “get” your mission don’t really “get” your mission.  But, It’s not their fault, it’s YOUR mission, they aren’t suppose to understand!

However, I try so hard to not seek understanding about others situations. I have a recently fired friend, I have yet to ask her WHY they fired her, it’s irrelevant to me. It happened, how can I help you move forward. However, not everyone is able to have that perspective, it’s kind of like… people will assist but they want to assist on their terms, with no obligation and they want to help but when they feel you deserve it, more so than when you need it.. etc etc Reality is, no one owes you anything!

The decisions we make in life  are either logical or faith based.  I'm living a faith based life. Which means I'll feel alone, people will leave, people will push me away, people will suggest, people will NOT understand.  However, I know that if you have FAITH and you move within Gods will, and you are unwavering in your pursuit, the limits will be taken off and “the rules” that apply to all the logical people won’t even apply to you. 

“Paul’s” situation last night didn’t make sense to me in my LOGICAL thinking yet my mother said without thinking twice “he could have been talking to God”, this was her faith based response. 

When I think back, I have helped so many people. People I don’t know, some of which I’ll never see again and I never once thought, "does it  make sense to help them”. They needed help and I felt that God must have put them in my space for a reason, so I help. I have been taken advantage of by friends, family, bf’s, people who had no one else but me, etc, etc, but through it all.. God has kept me, it never broke me even when it temporarily broke my spirits..

No sugar:  Try to live and love without out considering what people don’t have, just consider what they DO have.. even if all they have is a need. Don't lose someone who has everything you want because they Don't have everything you want.

Thanks 4 reading, I'm going to see if I can find Paul tonight, I don't have enough to feed myself but i'm sure God knows how to make away :-)

"Think about the promise, not the problem"



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