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Instasham 'No Filter'

Over the past few weeks I’ve had several conversations about Instagram. I was impressed by some of the convos and affirmative statements made about the social site. I decided I still would not join but I respected it in a new light. THEN a couple things happened that made me say seriously, it should be called INSTASHAM! lol
I remember I met my BF at the most inopportune time of my life. I was mortified that I’d just met him when I was at my perceived lowest time in my life. I just kept saying to myself, this isn’t ME. He has no idea who I really am; and as a result I tried to push him away. Fast Forward, I realize now that he had to see me in a way that no other person I’d dated ever saw me in order for me to receive him and respect him for what I always wanted but never knew how to embrace. I know I said allot without saying much at all, but I hope you understand, lol.
The point is, if you only show people the person you want them to see, will they ever really know you? Furthermore…