Every once in awhile on your mission of pursuit God does what I call "Faith Teases". Which means he gives you just a climpse of what's to come if you remain faithful.

I was trying to hold off on sharing blogs like this until I was able to spread the word about it a little more, however I felt inspired so hey :)

Anywhoo, since the age of 11 I have been working. No seriously, I've had atleast one job since then. (Yeah I'm a hustler) but i'm only 16, so just a few years:)

My prayer 4 as long as I can remember has been
"Lord just give me a chance, I won't screw up"

That is clearly my mind set. I don't slack off once I get my foot in the door. I work harder, not to prove myself but to make me proud. I know in my mind what I'm capable of, and I operate from that place in all I do.

Above are sneak previews.
**I arrived 40 min. early 4 my shoot today, as always. With L.A. traffic, I'm never late, I rather leave wayyyyy to early

**I bring my A game, If I'm tired YOU WILL NEVER KNOW.. I don't care what I've done the past few days. I'm sooo happy to be working, I'm ready (even when I'm not,lol)

**I'm greatful. I thank EVERYONE I worked with each day and I'm a yes man! ("what eva you like",lol)

The reason behind all of this is simply put. You didn't have to choose me, but you did and you will never regret it.

I was sooo lucky to have worked with such an amazingly talented group of people today and I can't wait to share the results with all of you.. We just wrapped today but, as soon as I can I will post some of the images.

SPECIAL SPECIAL THANKS to the dopest make up artist I've met on the west coast
MELISSA ANCHONDO, You are creative beyond words and I'm so lucky to have worked with you. THANK YOU AGAIN

Yvette (the funny lady of comedy) Small world, huh girl???
I don't think you understand that you are my new taste of Bmore. Thank you for taming this mane on my head :)

My booking agent and the company we shot with, just in case you see this. THANK YOU! I hope you got what you needed.

Finally, Days like this make me greatful and more hungry. It's not easy but it's not a job when you LOVE it. My GOD, I love it!!!

NO SUGAR: Work ethic is work ethic. It doesn't matter If I'm hired to scrub your floors or be your feature, I'm the same person. Greatful to be selected and ready to be creative, innovative, fearless, and HAPPY..

Opportunities are created not given

nikiva dionne

ps: SAM and Xem, I thought about you more than once today, YOU NEED TO GET HERE. Sam, keep holding on you are the baddest thang out,I cna't wait to get your stuff on screen girl

PPS: spell check is tripping and I'm way to tired to proof read, sorry :)


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