Quote of the week

My blog post is a bi-weekly focus for me. However, on the "off weeks" I would love to share simply a quick thought or quote or a simple inspiration for the week.

If you guys have a cute suggestion for what i should title it, comment back with your ideas.

This quote is referring to the doubt you feel in your heart

"Naturally it's afraid that, in pursuing your dream,
you might lose everything you've ever won." Paulo Coelho- (yeah I'm kinda obssesed w/him)

This is such a common thread in the many "aspiring" individuals I meet. It's also, something that has plagued me for several years as well. From a personal perspective. I finally realize

No Sugar: If what I have now is all I every really want, than I can afford to let my dreams slip away. But, if what I have now will never truly satisfy my personal mission, it's not worth having. I'd rather sacrifice letting it all go, at a chance to grab what means everything to me. oohhh shit, yall know what that means, rite


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