For the first year in a long time I’m approaching my next birthday and I don’t feel anxiety. While I do feel this past year went extremely to fast, I do thank God that I haven’t lost my memory, as last years b-day seems like only yesterday.

I can honestly say this past year has laid an amazing foundation of what’s to come.

For some reason this entry was challenging to write. I had so much I wanted to say about my journey this past year that I kept getting scattered brain.


When considering this past year I consider

Each one forces me to recall diff. circumstances that I have found myself struggling as well as where I found my strength.
In considering these things, I smile. I’m content with this past year because of what I have accomplished within my mind, body and spirit.

I lost, I loved, I CRIED, boy did I cry, I prayed, I fast, I Tried, I accepted, I rejected, I wondered, but above all I learned!!! My god, I honestly don’t have anxiety this year solely because of how much I LEARNED. In just one year, the person I’ve become, the person I always knew I was and the person I WANT TO BE, have finally all made sense. Instead of making this entry extremeley deep, as yall know I can be,lol.. I wanted to make it fun but I also wanted to make others think as you approach your next bday as well.

My mind
- This year I was tested with the very things that I knew, I KNEW… I was pushed and tried and it wasn’t ever to discount what I’ve done or what I’m capable of doing. In all actuality from the second it began, I KNEW it was god pushing me to go after what I didn’t quite know and leave what I KNEW for others to learn. I’ve been in my head this year more than b4, but I quickly learned that it wasn’t my mind that the answers would be found.

My Spirit
- I Wish I could say I started this year knowing I would be on such a mission for spiritual fulfillment but I didn’t. However, I found myself seeking. So much was happening that didn’t make logical sense that I knew it was the spirit moving. So I met it, I mean I found myself on my knees in the most random of places. I went from fasting to reading to yolanda adams to in the middle of conversations just tearing up, because I recognized his purpose in all sorts of places. Let me just say this. When the spirit moves you don’t have an option but to move with it. I started realizing that things weren’t happening because of other things I hadn’t fixed. I’m still in the process of fixing, I don’t have a choice, lol…

MY body- Well let me say this. I dropped a size. No I DIDN’T TRY. I was seeking god and forgot to eat,lol.. Let me stop. Seriously, I asked myself 2 days ago, do I look my age? I still can’t answer it but I can say this. I feel better about me than I ever have before. I mean I think I’m cute, lol so vain, but I put less into my appearance now than I ever have before but I feel so much more beautiful.
“Even my skin is changining ooohhh, I feel a new woman…”
where’s that from? Quick, what song? ☺


Things I learned that I hope you learn too ☺

*Winter has to end for spring to begin.
If someone is filling a place they are unworthy of filling, someone worthy will never come because "their place" was taken. Walk away and just watch what walks your way

*Justifying why, doesn’t fix it. It’s not our job to punish people for what they did or didn’t do. Let go and Let GOD

*You can’t have faith if you live in fear

*Serve god not your desires and he will give you that which you desire to have.

*Don’t ask God to move if you aren’t prepared to be obedient.

NO SUGAR: Your destiny was created with the creation of the world. So it’s not on your time that things will happen, it’s on God’s time. So respect the process, be obedient as you go through and silence your wants and listen to his direction.

Happy B-day to me

Nikiva Dionne


  1. Happy Belated birthday lady! This blog encourages thought within the reader (myself), and also makes me analyze myself! Kudos to you!

  2. Thanks nia and welcome to please add sugar. I appreciate you following :-)


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