Hey Guys, 
I'm beyond thrilled to share that my next television appearance will be 

Soooo this coming Sunday please check out CSI Cyber on CBS. I play Connie Abbott and my character is introduced within the first few minutes of the episode. So if you're late, you'll miss me ;-)

Most importantly when I share news about the 'fruits of my labor' I want so desperately for you to understand that this business is about 3% of what it seems. My daily efforts are ALL in consideration of my end game perspective. I want to make God famous! I pray that when people see my success their response is 'I want to know her God.' Furthermore, being on assignment and being obedient doesn't exempt us from daily struggles. As I entered the CBS lot for my fitting for this very episode, I received a text that one of childhood friends was murdered. I have never compartmentalize so much as I did in this one week. There was a perfect storm of soooo much happening, good and bad. My prayers went from "God please provide a need for the gifts you've blessed me with, to Lord please show me how to be present without acknowledging everything that is present in my current circumstances." You can be living your dream but you can't forget that life is being lived all around you. I learn so much about Kiva in these situations and as a result I'm a more compassionate person and a better actor. This industry is challenging but milestones like this are beautiful moments to reflect and exercise so much gratitude. I'm so grateful for the people who are in my life to date. God has raised up a mighty people who have blessed me in so many ways and who have made such a beautiful impact on my life.  

This particular shoot was my coolest experience to date. We shot on location in Downtown LA, where pedestrians, extras, stationed cars and the typical downtown traffic were all apart of creating this make believe experience in the midst of reality. So cool! I left set proud of the work I did and I'm hoping I'm not edited out of the episode so you guys can see the result, lol. 

Thank you all so much for your continued support along this journey. Thank you for your prayers and thank you for following YOUR dreams!

"The proof is in the Sacrifice"
Nikiva Dionne


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