Pity Party 4 one Please

Since completing my first full time year in this business I am beginning to notice the Eb and flow of things.. What months are slow, which ones are a little more consistent in which areas, etc. However, one thing I've learned to do is, during those slow months when ur inventing new ways to create opportunities it’s also detrimental to celebrate what you’ve done. Whenever it’s slow I look for previously shot ads that I haven’t seen yet, Images from photogs that can complete something in my book, nail down some lose ends w/ a project that I still need to add finishing touches on, edit a marketing tool I currently have.. Basically try to perfect and bring together some of the lose ends that would typically remain lose if you didn’t have time to police the photogs, ad companies etc. .. Well what do you do when it seems like all of those things are stagnant as well?

Damn! I thought Oct was suppose to pick up. Saturday I re-organized and updated my cork board and the fact that I’m not busy really  heightens my desire to have the “INCOMING/PENDING section” clearing up… I’m so mad w/ photogs rite now, lmbo.. Grrrhh, give me something to look at and be proud of and remind me that I’m actually making some damn head way.. Reality is, waiting is apart of this business and you can't place your fate in anyone else's hands. So basically this pity party ends rite about NOW!!

I’m so quick to take something off my vision board when it’s achieved.. but, I think I’m going to start treating my wall vision board like the one I keep on my computer.. Instead of removing accomplishments I’m going to change their color or put a sticker on em or something.. this way I can celebrate my accomplishments each time I look at my “pending” lol..
They say it's always the darkest before the dawn.. I'm gonna celebrate exactly where I am, for i know I'm here at this very place just as God would have me.. So instead of searching for a flash light I'm gonna dance in the dark.. after all God wants to see how you wait, rite ;-) I'm shaking this off and yes this will include Sprinkles Cupcakes, Chick Fil A and a bunch of music.. but I'm excited and I hope my experience inspires you to do the same if/when your "pending" list seems to be the never ending list, lol.

                "Time is a gift given to you by god for the purpose of
                 preparation, so that you can handle the success he 
                 wants to give you"-noel jones

No Sugar: Every experience is apart of the journey and should be respected as such.. Every moment of the search is an encounter with God, so I don't wanna take one step w/ my head down and miss his presence, for he is here through it all. 

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"The proof is in the sacrifice"


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