'The Alchemist'

Atleast twice a year I have an overwhelming desire to re-read 'The Alchemist'. It's typically when I realize how pursuing my destiny is costing me my life. Anyway, if you've followed my blog or if we communicate on FB or Twitter I'm sure you've heard me speak of 'The Alchemist' well, I'm on it again, lol.. If you've never read it, it's life changing, read it!

When I feel like i'm in a vital transition and God is really moving me to a new level, I tend to read heavy scripture. Now, I read the word everyday but in times of trial, honey sometimes I get to a place where i just sleep with the bible in the bed, just in case a dream wants to go south on me, lol.. But, no my point is that through times of trial I become distant, I quiet the world around me so that I can hear God's whisper and it usually takes me to a place of seeking his word all day long and 'The Alchemist' is always a book I grab to re read. My copy looks so bad, you would think I've been through a WW with this thing.

I decided I'm going to re-read it again and as I thumbed through this morning, the first page I stopped on had my handwriting, highlighter, stars and bunny ear pages and the quote said

                            "Be aware of the place where you are brought to tears,
                              That's where I am and that's where your treasure is"
                                                                                      -Paulo Coelho

Thanks for reading and I pray ur strength in your journeys but most importantly I pray everyone is pursuing their destiny. Pastor Toure' says "You can't fail in ur purpose" so while you may grow weary, stay strong in God's promise. Don't for one moment consider what WAS because, it pails in comparison to the promise God has given you for an appointed time. You truly have to walk away from; to walk into, with understanding that your journey is for a reason

       Remember how the Lord your GOD lead you
all the way in the desert these 40years to 
humble you and to test you in order to know
what was in your heart, whether or not you 
would keep his commandments -Deuteronomy 8:2


I believe God already knows our hearts but he test us to reveal himself mighty in our lives. He is liking our hearts unto his promises and the wilderness is to fill us with enough point of reference that we won't for one moment give ourselves the glory when we receive the vision he has already placed in our hearts.

Be Blessed


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