I've always been hard headed

It’s 1:40am and the only way I can attempt to stop the tears is to pour this ‘revelation’, I just received, on to paper. This is definitely going to be my shortest, most honest blog entry.

Dear God,

I just realized that Last August you forced me away from something that once meant nearly everything to me and This past August again you forced me away from something that once meant nearly everything to me.. I don’t need another August to understand the message your sending. You’re a jealous God and you sent me the message loud and clear last Sunday and it hit me but didn’t sit in my spirit until just this very second

Seek first God and his kingdom and he will give you the desires of your heart

Or in the words of my Bishop
“If you chase God as you have chased that job, that man, that car, that woman, that house.. He will give you the job, man, car, woman, or house that you don’t have to chase”

My God you are stretching me and it hurts..  But, I know Lord that my Faith with make me whole.
and God if you have to move everything out of the way for me to find my path to you, than God I’ll trust you.
                                                                                          You Know Who

No Sugar: It’s amazing how you get caught up in the blessing he has given you and don’t realize that you may have made it your curse. I’ve shared this with some friends but now I’m sharing it with you because sometimes when you hear things at different times, it takes on a different meaning.
 When you invite God into your life, you can’t just invite him into certain parts. He’s going to convict your spirit to living a certain way in every facet of your life. It’s up to you, if you will learn the lesson the first time or if you will have more than one ‘August’ as I have had.  OOhh child, I think this is the realist thing I have ever wrote (rap quote) lol. I’m coming out yall, God is stretching me in ways I can’t fathom.

To This Past August:
Thank you! You are one of the most beautiful parts of my story and I pray that if it be Gods will,  just as sure as August comes each year, That YOU will someday be apart of my September.

Thanx 4 reading
Nikiva Dionne

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