I Probably Can't Help YOU Decide

 Recently my mother told me “I didn’t worry about you in college because I knew you made GOOD DECISIONS honestly, I wanted to feel a since of pride but I immediately remembered all the foolish decisions I’ve made. Lol 

But here is what I’m learning at this very moment. When you make decisions sometimes it’s not an issue of making a good decision. You need to ask yourself, Am I making a decision based on a perceived need I currently have?

For example, I can recall a time I dated someone who I knew wasn’t ‘the one’ even before I agreed to date him. But, you know what he was. He was POSITIVE. He had dreams bigger than mine, He had a ‘can do’ attitude concerning anything. When I spoke to him about something, I walked away inspired. Believing in myself. He believed in me. He didn’t compete with me. And at the time he asked me ‘to go steady’ lmbo I needed that! You see, I had been THAT for so many other people for so long, I needed someone to be THAT for me! Or so I thought.

The guy I dated gave me hope. Before we were a couple, he was able to say DO IT!  because, my decisions didn’t effect him. Once we began dating, he said, do it! (In small letters) because then the decisions I made had an impact on him. Which is precisely why MAN CAN’T GIVE YOU, WHAT GOD PUT IN YOU! 

My need was valid. I did need hope. But, I needed it from the SOURCE of HOPE. Because mans hope is fleeting. No one is ALWAYS 100% hopeful so we can’t make a decision to put our desires in man.

When certain people call I can tell what they want me to say when they ask for advice. So I don't give it. It’s really not my place. God places us in ‘situations’ that will draw us to HIM. Yet, here I am giving you my ½ wordly- ½ Christian take on a situation that does not have the same impact on my life as it has on yours.

Life is full of DECISIONS. It makes so much sense that Solomon would ask God for WISDOM. God if I have wisdom I’ll make sound decisions concerning everything in my life. I’ll make decisions because they make me more like you. I’ll make decisions because I trust you. I’ll make decisions because I’ve read and meditated on your word and know your thoughts concerning me.

Pray for people who have trouble making decisions. Pray that God gives them wisdom. Pray that they find peace in a quiet place with God. Pray they will not seek counsel of the ungodly and Pray God uses you to speak life, light, wisdom and impact over their lives. The truth is, people who ask you for advice pretty much already know what your going to say so before you say anything ask God for wisdom concerning your words and the vessel He uses to speak His heart concerning a thing.

As always, thanks so much for reading guys!

 "The proof is in the sacrifice"


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