I went from having nothing to say, to having too much to say. It’s awesome how God can just fill you up to where u feel obligated to share a revelation or deliverance or even a mere hope. I’m gonna keep this short because I don’t want the length to deter anyone from reading it ;-)

    “I admit Lord that I enjoy it but I love you more and I’m more concerned
     with my destiny in you and I won’t let anything come in between it. “
     After I admitted that to the Lord I began to HATE that THING, it became an
     enemy- pastor toure

In short the sermon I heard told me that this ‘issue’ was keeping me from my destiny.  The mere reality that I was asking God to take away what I was still holding on to, whether it be a past relationship, a habit, a desire. I disliked it but I have to hate it, to be delivered from it.

Romans 8:19 says
“ For the Earnest expectation of the creature waiteth
for the manifestation of the sons of God.”

I read last week that the man that knows receives more lashes than the ignorant man that knows not.  And it reminds me of something I heard as a child
“You know better”
 in my mothers voice, lol. It holds the implication of, if you know better you are expected to do better.  I mean when you think about it, that same premise is what causes the struggle or strain in relationships. You expect more from someone because you KNOW they are capable of giving more or thinking at a certain level and when they don’t, you become frustrated that their actions aren’t a reflection of their ‘knowingness’ lol. I know GOD, I know his promise, I feel his presence, I’ve seen his glory in my life and if I don’t ‘make it’ it’s because I didn’t chose my destiny at this point when I know he was EXPECTING me to do so. He has filled me with enough word, he has spoken enough into my spirit, he has convicted me to grow in him and I have enough ‘knowingness’ to know HE IS THE ONLY WAY.

 As I seek deliverance from different things in my life I become more still, I’ve learned that ‘scatteredness’ is a reflection that there is something in your life you need to be delivered from.  That there is something holding you back, you need to forgive some one or urself, u need to let something or someone go, etc.  I pray deliverance for each of you reading this. I’m so excited about the relationships that God is putting in my life. I have some of the most beautiful souls around me and I just want to give my appreciation to those people who call me to a higher place in Christ. I pray each day that WE become more of God and less of ourselves. For those who accept the person I’m becoming and push me into my destiny, I truly pray I require the better in you as well. I was called to Hollywood but never to be what Hollywood has always ‘been’. My late uncle named me Hollywood years ago and God chose to reveal on what would have been my uncles birthday 3/16/2012 that ‘Hollywood would be a new thing, Hollywood wouldn’t compromise yet SHE would set the standard and glorify God through raising expectations in Hollywood’ I went to a revival called ‘THE CRY HOLLYWOOD’ and all I can say is, I’m on assignment and for the first time in my life I’m not worried about ANYTHING because I KNOW what I KNOW that I KNOW and I truly ‘KNOW BETTER’

Be blessed friends and thanks for reading



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