Hey Actors have you checked out CAZT ?

I'm pretty excited about today's post because so many of my Blog followers are fellow actors. So I hope this helps..

Each morning I have a ritual.. I do NOTHING before I check my submission sites. I'm not represented Theatrically so self submissions is really the only way I get a chance to read for TV or film roles. Well I recently added a new site to my "morning ritual" that I check religious.. https://www.cazt.com/ and i also started following them on twitter http://twitter.com/caztstudios .. this way I can get casting updates ALL DAY.

I'm sure most of you guys have auditioned at the CAZT location in Hollywood, well I personally get extremely excited when I audition there because I know they will post my audition on my CAZT site. It's been said that every actor does their best audition in the car on the way home from the audition. Well, now that I'm a member of CAZT I can SEE what I ACTUALLY did in the audition. When I tell you this helps me tremendously. I personally know that I make choices in preparation for my audition and stick with them in the audition but what throws me sometimes is, I never know how the room will be set up.. So maybe because i'm totally backwards, but it takes me a second to "play to the camera".. Just me? 

Well, being able to see my actual auditions has helped me greatly in fact I wish EVERY audition had this option.. But for now it's one of the things that makes CAZT special..

Addt'ly, they have an extremely user friendly job board that has casting calls for several

 and the newest feature that I'm super excited about is that CAZT now requires every CD that cast out of the CAZT LOCATION to post their audition on the CAZT website! Total score.. so for me being a member of CAZT I also get an opportunity to submit for any job that 'fits me'.. whereas I may not have even heard of or been considered by the CD to come in on another, larger site.

With the recent updates CAZT is fast becoming a major resource for all my casting needs.. I upload head shots, video and resume for free and i even submitted for my first project. I was so impressed with how easy and efficient It was I joined and I have no regrets.. 

Every actor has their sites they believe strongly in and that are just easy for them to maneuver so I just wanted to share one of mine with you guys ;-)

Thanx so much for reading and if you haven't already

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