Dear Hollywood, I have no $.. can I still make it?

 I had an epiphany this morning when I read a headline about Kim K’s wedding location tomorrow.. My mind immediately went on a world wind, thinking Why does anyone care? Well, light bulb!!! But, I’ll get back to that

So Twice in the last six months or so.. I’ve booked a gig, been confirmed,  then was released.. I’m talking about, receiving all the praises of how perfect I am for the job and how glad they found me, than within 32hrs. I’m released, 'they are going in another direction but hope to work with me in the future' :-/ Now this entry really isn’t about that, it’s more about the ME in that scenario

So this is ME: The second I book a job I write my ideal situation list. I write what I need to have/ do to make sure I offer the best performance for the shoot. Which means, I may need to buy a wig, to do my own hair, to buy certain under garments, to prep certain things etc. I’m organized almost to a fault, because I prepare for a shoot that I was confirmed for and every once in awhile.. I never shoot and I’m left with money,time that I have invested with no return

It’s extremely hard when you lose a job that you have invested not just time in but $$$. I had this convo w/ my mom yesterday b4, I lost the job about how necessary it is to have $ in order to make $ in this business…

And whoala!!! there’s the common thread.. Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian…they have NO TALENT! But, they have the money to market themselves to a point where they are constantly in your face. They create a need and jobs book them because most of the marketing is already done.. I mean really, in a capacity of talent what have you seen these ladies do other than sex tapes? But, It’s easier to sell a movie, product etc. using someone who has a following. To get a following you need $$$ to invest in making yourself a commodity.. I know it blows. Lol! But, Kudos because they are banking and making a mockery of hollywood.. Can you imagine how I feel when family and friends call me and say they are watching The Kardashians but haven’t even followed my blog, or liked my face book or told anyone else about my grind to get my name out….

Now, there are things that I need to do to get myself where I need to be for the job that is undoubtedly perfect for me.. but, what I won’t do is cheapen my product when I know my value. So for the projects I've lost because you were able to pay someone less, My rates are my rates.  Companies pay millions and give free clothes etc. to people who don't need them but pay the struggling actors/models as little as possible. I’m so understanding that it sometimes hurts my business. I’ve done shoots for lil $ just to get the footage or the pics and I NEVER received the footage, so I lose. I’ve done projects where I was booked for three hours and worked eight with no add’tl $$$, yup, I lose there as well. These are the woe's of not having a print,theatrical agent.. you have nothing to protect you from these situations.

 One day my dern work ethic will pay off and and that’s probably the same time I’ll get the support I expect from certain people, smh..

Well I’m not going anywhere, I’m going to keep working my booty off, creating a way or making one. My Bishop once said

   “Time is a gift given to you by God for the purpose of preparation. So that you can handle the success he wants to give you” –Noel Jones

So I'm Respecting the process. It's already written and these experiences are apart of my story and when you think of it that way, it makes it all worth while ;-)

As Always, Thanks for reading
Nikiva Dionne

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  1. Yep, marketing is a huge, expensive and necessary part of our job but so is having a solid work ethic and not everyone has or is willing to cultivate that so you're already one big step ahead of so many others. Continue to stay on your grind and your work ethic will eventually pay off. Stay encouraged!

  2. Thanx Brandi Your rite on thanx so much and thanx for reading. #actorfriend

  3. Girl the part about family/friends that don't support your work or blog and yet run to the movie theatre or watch the garbage on tv is so on point. I had to learn quick that my blog is going to be therapy for me and if it educates, motivates, or enlightens someone along the way then great. Hard work and ethic do eventually pay off and you'll be at peace with yourself at the end of the day. At some point in life, the "others" will have to accept the decisions they've made and hopefully still find peace. Right now they're chasing money and we're chasing God's glory. Be encouraged and bring your butt to NYC, I got plenty of print agents that would pick you up.

  4. AMEN BJ! This blog is exactly that 4 me and you guys reading and giving your feedback is icing on the cake and just a bit of God's lite to let me know I'm moving on his will and his glory will be magnified. Thanx so much 4 reading and your comment it means the world to me. I'm going to try for an NY visit end of spring so I may be picking your brain shortly for feedback on a couple potential meetings I'm looking to set up.. Have a blessed week and thanx again


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