I took some L's but I wear em Well

Sometimes you have to lose in order to win. I am fighting every part of myself to not use a basketball analogy to shape the entire structure of this blog. I don’t wanna run the risk of losing all of my anti LAKER followers, lol.. So I’m making a conscious effort to get this message across without relating it directly to the NBA. :-)

However the same premise applies in Life and Basketball ohh and Love,ha
(great movie BTW)

If I consider the things I Lost this year and the things I Won it becomes sooo obvious.
                                             I had to lose in order to win.

When I say this year was full of L’s  there’s an immediate negative connotation that I’m referring to the things I must have lost this year. But, when I put those L’s in perspective they shape the very things I value most at the end of the year

This past year I Loss things that at one time meant so much to me
This past year I  Laughed the tears away
This past year I fell in Love with Gods promise
This past year I’m finally Living my dreams
This past year I Learned to Let go in order to Get more
This past year Leaving was the hardest, best and almost worst thing I could have ever done
This past year I Listened and he spoke

I don’t have to list out all my W’s this year because they are already spelled out in my L’s.

In 2010

I learned..
I learned to Listen and when to Leave, how to Love and when to let go, how to Laugh and how to Lose in order to truly Live.

 No Sugar:  it’s simply put, You don’t Lose when those things help you to Win.

I pray I’m able to hold on to this perspective for the rest of my life. Because with this comes great understanding. In order to get to certain places you have to lose certain people and things. However, in losing, God is revealing that you are actually Winning.

I hope you guys understand this and it does something for you, as it truly has for me.

I wish you all many miracles and blessings and I hope you Lose but more importantly I hope you learn to thank God for the L’s…

Thank You all for your love and support this year and always

"I had to lose in order to win"
Nikiva Dionne

ps: I'm feeling this, there may be a part II.
pps: So in essence even when the LAKERS LOSE they WIN, haaaaaaa


  1. Love the laker talk and comparision, they are going through tough times right now, but in the end they will get it together for the championship, just like you will and 2011 you will get some gigs ;) Stay up cuz

  2. Thanx 4 reading guys it means the world to me


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