Where does the novelty go?

   I remember when my apartment lease was up for renewal. I  was dreading the thought of looking for a new place but I had one in mind that I had my eye on for quite some time, so I went for a tour.  I fell in love with the place. I WANTED IT! There was some back and fourth about the price I was quoted, it looked like I wasn’t going to get it for the price I wanted which was already an increase over my current rent. I prayed on it, I went into I WANT IT MODE and I got it. In my mind I was so hell bent that because I got what I wanted and I thought this was Gods will for me, I wouldn’t do certain things to jeopardize the happiness I’d experience there. No one could stay with me, I had certain things in my mind for my new place etc etc

Fast forward over a year later the place I had to have, I’m fighting to keep. The payments are later each month, I’m not enjoying the amenities because I’m insecure about paying late. So I don’t lay by the pool, I don’t work out, I don’t go to the business centers, nothing, I straighten up- not really clean up. I’m putting ALL of my energy into trying to create a way to pay for what I HAD TO HAVE that I’m not even ENJOYING the fact that I HAVE IT RITE NOW.

Where did the novelty go? How did I get so lost in the day to day that I forgot that God’s plan is what gave me this apartment anyway? How do I stop appreciating what I said I wanted because I am trying to keep it. How is it possible that I work myself to sickness so I can keep it, that I’m neglecting the fact that I HAVE IT..

When the novelty goes, so does the enjoyment. It’s not fun anymore because we’re caught up in doing what we ”need” to do, to pay for it next month when there are 30days in this month that we haven’t thanked God for and "lived in".

I can draw a direct parallel to that which occurs in relationships
It’s sad to see a relationship fall apart because two people were working to be able to give the other what they thought each other wanted, when originally, all they wanted was each other. Why is the concept so hard for us to grasp…You are killing yourself trying to give someone what you think they want and the relationship is dieing because it’s lacking what it had in the beginning.

I remember telling my ex. "Just because you don’t supply a need, Just because you ignore the request, the need doesn’t disappear. The need is still there and it’s being buried with more ill feelings."
Now that wasn’t a very nice thing to say,i admit, but nonetheless it was true.

This makes me consider the nuclear family. Perhaps this is why the woman was to stay home and provide the family with what they 'needed' to feel nourished and nurtured while the father sacrificed the time spent to provide the living. Now I could go extremely deep on this theory but I’m gonna stay on the surface so I can land this plane shortly.

 Life is short and your NOT in control anyway. Don’t ask God for something your not prepared to nurture. Men-EVERY woman with common sense wants a man with an outstanding work ethic, desire to succeed and the cognitive ability to create a way, but the same woman that will support, encourage and nurture your desires, deserves to feel the same way. My mother would say “If I got to be lonely than I can be alone”  It’s your presence and with all these toys and gadgets your spending money on and loving, how about using them to ensue a presence to the woman you asked God for.

No Sugar: The necessary things in life require very little but, don't give because it's required or when it's convenient to give, give because it's deserved.

Sorry guys I haven’t felt inspired to write but I hope you enjoyed this I’d love your feedback

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  1. Are u peaking into my thoughts? I need to forward this to my man, its so relevant right now. Love this entry.


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