It’s my Caliversary!

 California is everything you would imagine if you’ve never been here and it’s all because of the people who think they have to be a certain way now that they are here, lol. The people that have real money are the most modest, the people that are creating a buzz are the most arrogant, the people with nothing going on are the busiest and the people who are always networking are hardly ever really working. 
And the message God keeps giving me is, FALL IN LOVE WITH NOW! Y now God? Tomorrow surely has to be better than NOW right? Nope! RIGHT NOW the most important lessons are learned, NOW is where the most vital decisions are made, NOW is where strong foundations are being established.  
The phrase ‘You can’t do the same things and expect different results’ has finally taken on a new meaning for me. I can’t do ‘the same things’ that everyone else is doing and expect to get different results. 98% of Actors last year did not achieve a livable wadge. Yet these 98% of actors I’d venture to say have done most of what everyone is saying you need to do. You need to pay for this…attend this… meet this…sleep with this…smooze w/ this…go here with him… I could seriously go on forever. Now, of course some things are true like how you going to act if no one knows you act? How you going to get cast if you never audition? How are you going to get better if you don’t study your craft? But that is pretty much where the 'trueness' stops for me.

God did not send me to be more of the same. There is NO WAY God has taken me on the journey I’ve been on to say yes, I’ll take this role w/ no lines and lay butt naked because It’s True Blood and I need TV credits. There is also NO WAY God has convicted my spirit and called me to this industry to think I NEED certain things to get what HE HAS ALREADY PROMISED.

CALIFORNIA, appose to where I am from, is the land of opportunity but you better surely know the difference between an opportunity and a curse.

On this Caliversary I fall in love with NOW! My life did not start when I moved to California it didn’t even start when I began acting my life started in Baltimore, it continued in New York and it is now continuing in LA not to forget where I’ve been or where I came from. There are kids who need to know you don’t have to drink, do drugs, have sex, sell sex, pose naked in your twitter avi’s, sleep w/ directors to book a role, treat agents like Gods, spend your last $20 to get into a party to network when no one of influence is actually there to work, etc.

My story is different therefore my legacy will be different. I have so much to offer and I will NEVER offer who I am on a trash can top when it should be presented on a white linen table cloth. (Cosby reference,lol) Real recognizes real and I'm really not desperate for anyone but God.

Keep me prayed up, I’m doing this how God tells me to. It may take a long time or may happen tomorrow but one thing for sure is I’m LOVING RIGHT NOW!


Thanks for being apart of my journey


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this and I continued much success on your journey. I also pray that you learn your lessons.. I'm learning mine as well (aren't we all) so kudos to a better, more ideal you in the NOW. :)

    1. Girl yes it's a journey and I'm a work in progress. Lol but I'm loving it. Thanks so much for reading and your name is DOPE u should have seen me sounding it out. Lol thanks again and be blessed.
      Many thanks, Kiva

  2. Happy Caliversary!! You are blessed to have learned some valuable lessons that many never learn.

    Everyone's path is different. Gather perspectives, but go with your gut. That will keep you on YOUR path, and not send you on a wild goose chase down a path that was never intended for you. Set goals, but be sure to enjoy the journey as you do YOUR work.


    1. Wow thanks Nic. For reading and for ur valuable input. I'm so proud of u and appreciate so much the quality actress you are but more so the QUALITY WOMAN you are. Thanks again and NOTED!


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