The set up, 4 MY step up

 I Just realized I missed my CALIVERSARY :-( 

If u know me, u know I make everything a 'versary' reason being... I like to honor my obedience. The moment when God convicted my spirit to MOVE & I chose 2 follow him. Whether that instruction was for me to physically move from one state to another, to Love when I didn’t want to or know how, to  leave a job, to apologize when I felt justified in my ‘wrongness’ or to push the glass back off the edge of the table.

I moved to California 6years ago on Feb 3.  It took me 4.5 yrs to do what GOD sent me here to do. I’m on such a great assignment that I get bogged down and forget that the Hollywood sign is 5miles away, That years ago this was just a dream, that I’m living a dream that I fought for so long because it didn’t make sense. My journey hasn’t been the hardest but it surely hasn’t come w/out mounting opposition.

My email signature says “The proof is in the sacrifice” and lately sermons, scriptures, conversations have all mirrored around THE SACRIFICE, something I’ve done for as long as I can remember. I prioritize pretty well and I feel justified in my decisions to do or not do something whatever the cost. However, 6years later I finally realize that to whom much is given much is required. I’m not afraid of responsibility. In fact I do better when my plate is full which would explain the excess of down time God is teaching me to be patient in, in this season. Lol 6years later and I've learned that
 “You must give up the GOOD thing for the GOD thing” –Pastor Toure

No matter how long you hold on, no matter how you justify why something or someone is still in your life. You will not receive God’s promises until you chose HIM over your choices.

I have officially been in LA longer than NY. I have less than half the friends I had, I have half the ends I had(-$), I have half the clothes, I have ½ of pretty much everything but I’ve never been so whole!

Thank you God 4 choosing me when I didn’t know how to chose you. Thank you for waiting on me, for convicting me and for requiring me to be everything in you and nothing in me. I honor God with every ounce of my life. I give myself away to HIM and I say w/ full confidence I have no idea how he will create the visions he has revealed 2 me but I patiently await his promises and my obedience is in him.

“The proof  is in the sacrifice”


Thanks 4 reading and being apart of my journey

Nikiva Dionne


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