Excuse me, What’s my motivation?

We all remember and have mocked that line from the 90’s Sprite commercial.

I used wiki how for the term ‘Self Motivated’ and I found the most amazing step by step HOW TO BE SELF MOTIVATED TOOLS. As I skimmed each tool I was able to recognize a few things.

1.     How valuable the information is
2.     That I personally am not the consumer, as I tend to be a consistently self motivated person
3.     How little value I personally put on things that come naturally to me
4.     How people become successful through maximizing their strengths to aid the opportunities of others.

Perspective: Self help books are the world’s best selling genre.

You ever had someone close to you tell you, how great a book is and how you must read it. Then when you sit to read it your thinking ‘Uhm , this is pretty practical’. Your closeness to someone has little to do w/ whether or not you will appreciate the same book. It has everything to do with who YOU ARE.

At 15 I took a modeling course and while the lessons were in etiquette, runway, makeup application, poise and posture, the thing I took away from those courses was

‘The random lady in the elevator could own the company, so be nice to everyone’

It has proven to beneficial time and time again throughout my life/career. But, when I meet people now who assert value to a person based on their position I wonder if they ever stop to ask themselves, WHAT IS MY MOTIVATION?

Say your at an event and you are motivated to speak to someone because they are President of blah blah blah a million dollar corp. What if they are motivated by the same thing? So then if you are ‘lucky’ to speak w/ them they will probably ascribe little value to the conversation  you two are having because your 'just' VP of blah boo blah a hundred thousand dollar corp. 

Listen, success inspires people, I get it. However, you are what you attract. I often wind up talking to the waitstaff and the doorman wherever I go and I think it's because of my perspective of success. What is success to you? I heard recently that "successful is the person who is doing exactly what they set out to do". I love that! I don't care what you do, I care about WHY you do it! Whatever you do well, I'm certain something motivates you. If you possess an innate knowledge of something perhaps your service is to teach others, who don’t posses the same, how to think as you do. That could be the one thing holding them back.

Find out what speaks to your success and what speaks to your journey of pursuit and seek each day to deliver someone through your knowledge and seek to be delivered from your personal opportunities. We would all live in a better place if we did.

Thanks for reading!
"The proof is in the sacrifice'


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