Winter has to end, 4 Spring to begin

" The pressures on but guess who ain't goin crack, haha pardon me, I had to laugh at that. How could you faulter when your the rock of Jabraulta. I had to get out the boat so i could walk on water. This ain't no tall order this is nothing to me. Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week, I do this in my sleep...I'm not a business man, I'M A BUSINESS man"

My dude was playing this song recently and ever since then It fast became my anthom. My goodness, things have been happening constantly that force me to dig deeper and understand the very purpose behind them.

I was prompted to find a clever way to skirt around what I'm going through, while letting you know “i'm going through” but since this is please add sugar I can be straight up with yall.

Most of you know I have been in the fashion industry several years. I am an extremely hard worker and I have the promotions and raises to prove it. However, I have been struggling with a particular person with whom I work, for years now. Every time she tries to block apart of God's plan I some how get it anyway (she just doesn't know how, but I do)

Anywhooo, more recently I have become increasingly uncomfortable at a place where I had previously excelled without effort. What I have been dealing with from write ups, to taking responsibilities away etc. have all lead up to what happened yesterday. I was basically given a notice to produce something very specific or plan on receiving another WRITE UP.

Here's the thing. While the intention is to get me to sweat, or quit, etc. the reality is I UNDERSTAND.

God, has been showing me signs for sooo long. He has been making me uncomfortable. Otherwise I would remain comfortable and take even longer to walk into his promise.

"There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone."

With that being said. In situations when you know things aren't warranted, don't seek reason, seek GOD’s promise. I'm better than where, I am. I'm better than the position above me. However, we allow society to make us scared to take risk, when we know in fact it's not a risk, it's a step of faith.

Every part of me wants to let this WHORE know I can prove her wrong but, the reality is, I've proven myself for years now. She KNOWS with every part of her what I'm capable of when it comes to that company. However, she has NO CLUE that she has just released my power.

Get excited when you feel like your up against a wall, because that's when you become most creative, that's when you operate from your most honest place, when it’s life or death stakes, that's when you realize your strength and apply it to your dreams.

HELL NO, I'm not applying the best of me to proving her wrong, she knows what I can do. I have to use this situation to catapult me to where I truly need to be.

"I had to get out the boat so I could walk on water" woooohhhhh, I'm excited yall.

It's all in prayer, It's all in faith.. I was born for this

no sugar: people don't create your destiny. It was created b4 the foundation of the world. Don't give people power they don't deserve. Live within god's promise. If you live to pay the bills, you will never live to full fill your dreams. This life shit is short. set goals, and go after them with every part of yourself. More importantly, don't get mad at people like my boss, she is doing what god has created her to do. U need haters, shit sometimes you'll need to get fired to push you into your destiny :-)

Either way I walk away knowing this
My work ethic is unparralled, i specialize in results that everyone has seen, I effected people, I inspired people, I taught and invested in people and now it's time to invest in ME.
FINALLY… I’ve been made free ☺

ps: This is me after the tears. I knew what god was doing before he actually did it but, I'm a crier, so i did just that. Than I get on my shit,lol

Thanks for reading guys :)


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