Add it to my resume' baby

So My dude tells me that I'm going to need to have a flexible gig that pays well if I'm going to pursue my career. (duuhh, I knew that but I didn't tell him that :) He suggest Bartending. 

I listened,lol... It's official, I'm a California state certified bartender baby... Where should I bar tend? 
Who do you know? Make the call, I'm good for it... 

No sugar: I've never enjoyed life so much. I want to say I'm scared but I'm not. I feel it! It's going to happen all according to God's promise. There's a scripture that says "you can't have faith withOUT works" I'm focus man.....


  1. Congrats!....I say any hot spots you can find in Beverly Hills (wealthy who tip well just because they have it), or a cool part of Hollywood ( drunk people who tip well because they are drunk!) Let me know where you go, so I can come get my cocktail, lol

  2. Lol Hilarious NIA.. so true.. will advise status ;)


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