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  It's been awhile since I've shared a great headshot promo with you and this one comes in good timing.  As the year comes to a close, it's a great time to refresh some of your favorite shots, to get a new look that you may be missing and also to give your team some new ammunition.  Those are the exact reasons I decided to get a headshot shoot in and I'm so extremely pleased with my decision to shoot with www.photosbyjamaal.com 

First off- Look at this headshot!

Secondly- You can't fathom the professionalism that this team offers. I'm NOT easily impressed. I'm very organized and I pride myself on effective communication and efficiently using my time. This photos by Jamaal team, left me speechless. 

  • Prior to arrival I received an email and convo about my looks, intentions for the shoot and what to bring and/or expect day of shooting. 
  • Upon arriving the full team was present, had already been briefed on our goals for the shoot and were ready to communicate how we would move in between looks and locations. 
  • They were flexible with my hair 'realities' and we adjusted the schedule accordingly without missing a beat
  • Jamaal is the most patient, inviting, professional, fun and well LISTENED male and photographer I've ever met, lol. 
  • I felt comfortable, I felt like I had all the time in the world, I felt like my vision was totally understood and I knew we would get the shots I wanted as a result.
  • This may be a con-  we actually got too many shots!!!! My team went crazy, they picked so many images, lol.
  • Jamaal also got me the images within two days and the edits were done super quick as well. My team even picked some shots and said they didn't need edits. 
  • Editing: Jamaal listened to my request and the edits only needed to be done once. 
  • This team is a well oiled machine! Everyone supported each other seamlessly and it put me at ease immediately. 

  • The studio didn't have much toilet paper lol 
  • My other shots no longer look good next to these shots, lol.
 In short, I'm happy and so is my team and this experience was worth sharing! 

ALSO, if you guys want to shoot with Jamaal, 
 mention this blog or promo code [NIKIVA2016] 
you will get 30% off of ANY package offered. 

Happy Q4 
"The proof is in the Sacrifice" 
Nikiva Dionne


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