2015 DUBSMASH Compilation Video

Hey Guys, 

One of my 2015 highlights was creating DUBSMASH videos. Seriously, I can't believe I didn't create this app myself. However, I did create a 'dubsmash compilation' video for some of my favorite and most popular dubsmash, lol. Check out the compilation video below and also follow me on IG for other #dubsmash videos! 

As this year comes to a close, I pray I've inspired someone into their purpose this year but I also want to remind you guys to DO WHAT YOU LOVE! Do it daily, do it for free, do it because YOU love it. not because someone else "likes" it or validates it! I began doing dubsmash after having vocal surgery this year. I was on 100% vocal rest with tons of creative energy and no outlet and dubsmash allowed me to feel like 'myself' when I was struggling with vocal health issues. Another thing I realized is that no matter how much FUN I said I was having with this app, there were people who couldn't 'find value' in it for themselves so they devalued it for me. I'm so glad I needed this outlet at that time otherwise I may have allowed others responses to discourage something that brought me so much joy consistently.

  As an actor you don't work everyday, you audition more than work most times and still there are days where you have to force your days to look like your purpose. The last 6 months have been the most 'successful' time period in my career thus far, it also has been the most peaceful and the most FUN! I had fun every single day, maybe not all day but everyday. I can't fail to mention that the first half of the year was my LEAST successful time period in my career and the least peaceful, the most confusing, sad and disappointing. But that's just the way the Father is. I grew in HIM this year and HE grew through me and HE aligned so many things so perfectly that I'd have to give HIM the glory!

  As this year comes to a close, I pray you laugh more than ever before. I pray you EXPECT peace and happiness and be intentional about it's consistent presence in your life and I pray YOU DO WHAT YOU LOVE. I'm an actor, I love telling stories, I love making people laugh and this year I learned that I can enjoy doing those things on a multi million dollar set with celebs or in my 1 bedroom apartment and my $20 bedroom lamp!

Thanks so much for reading and watching the video guys!! Feel free to share it with a friend, your support is invaluable.

"The Proof is in the Sacrifice"
           NIKIVA DIONNE


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