5 year 'DREAMaversary'

   I wish I knew what percentage of the population were pursuing their CALL, their dream, their personal legend. It would probably explain why it’s so darn hard! Today I celebrate my 5th year of being a FULL TIME ACTOR/MODEL! I left my job 5 years ago to pursue my purpose. I’m not going to profess to know all the answers, nor will I say it’s plausible for everyone. But I can speak solely for Nikiva when I say it requires


FAITH- when you seek God with all your heart you will find Him.  I fast, I prayed, I ignored Him, I became a Christian who wanted to know HIM intimately and I did. Once you KNOW him you must ANSWER His call. I did! There comes a point when HE isn’t an option.

UNPARALLELD WORK ETHIC- I’m a person who has had a job since 6th grade, who received at least two promotions on every job I ever had, who ALWAYS worked more hours then necessary, who gives 100% to everything so it wasn’t a hard transition when I knew I would have to work 200% to establish myself as a business from scratch. I work NON-STOP. I’m always working, If I’m not I’m praying, my rest is in HIM.

FAITH- I know HIS word and I believe HIS plans for me.

MY MOTHER- Not everyone has a ‘diddy’ that’s my mom, lol but God will raise up a people. When I left my job, without a two weeks notice, I called her with my voice cracking and before I could get it out she said ‘I knew it was coming, get off the phone talk to God HE has you’. He positioned her heart to love, encourage, support, pray and understand me in new ways. It’s as if HE revealed HIS plans for me to her and she surrendered and has been whatever I needed because she knew answering THIS CALL wasn’t an option.

FAITH- I knew without FAITH it’s impossible to please HIM. So HE will place me in situations that will require my FAITH to be stretched but still SEE HIM.

RIDICULOUS WORK ETHIC- I know what I’m good at, so I apply it to my business. I use my degrees and past experiences to strengthen my brand. I sacrifice over and over and over again. Most of what mattered 5 years ago doesn’t exist in my world today because my call is not an option. So I WORK like today is the day my life will change.

FAVOR- I receive it! We all have it. There are seasons for it, I’m sensitive to God’s grace, mercy and favor and I’m obedient and humble enough to receive what others may not think I’m worthy of. Favor ain’t fair.

PATIENCE- Probably the area HE is working on me in currently. I’m better but I’m not there yet and HE knows it. I wait on HIM.  I trust HIS timing. I pray instead of worrying. I read HIS word to remind me that HE is always on time.

FAITH- I know HIM! I’ve seen HIS power and I surrender to HIS will over and over again each and every day.

UNCOMPROMISING STANDARDS- I know my value even when others don’t. I know the vision HE has shown me and I trust it so I don’t settle for ‘right now'. I’m not anxious for anything!

FILTER- every one won’t understand what’s required and I no longer expect them too. I take certain calls at certain times. I listen to God when HE says walk away. I break my own heart over and over again because what I want may not be HIS WILL so I sacrifice and I surrender. I’m ok being me. I don’t have to do what’s being done. I don’t invest in HYPE. My walk is different and I understand that God has to create an ‘appetite’ for me so I don’t try to be in or around what doesn’t reflect the best me. HIS opinion of me matters more than anyone else's.

GIVE- The less I have the more God shows me I have to give. I don’t withhold a good thing from my brother. HE is showing me how to be a good steward how to seek guidance in my giving through HIM. How to love HIM by loving on others, I know that what God has for me is for me, so I give. HE supplies all my needs according to HIS riches and glory.

I KNOW MY WHY- “When your WHY for doing something is strong enough, it makes your HOW TO obsolete” –JP That quote will never leave my spirit because my WHY has less and less to do with me every day and more and more to do HIS WILL through my life. I’m just a vessel so I can’t let ‘the visuals override the vision’- Noel Jones.

This isn’t a ‘recipe for success’ these are my humble revelations about what’s been required of ME, SO FAR on this 5 year journey. THIS day means allot to me, I think I started LIVING without limits when I started pursuing my purpose.


“The proof is in the sacrifice”



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