I love when movies, books, tv shows actually chose to say THE END at the conclusion of the piece. It's as if it forces me to immediately asses what I just ingested. Sometimes when I finish reading I insert my own ‘The End’  lol. I also do it in other areas of life. I think sometimes people wind up hurting others because they don’t know when to say ‘The End’ of an argument, ‘The End’ of these negative emotions, ‘The End’ of this relationship etc.

Yesterday I scrolled a friends timeline and said ‘dag was she talking about me? That wasn’t nice. I wouldn’t do that to her. ‘

Later that day I received confirmation from someone else that that OTHER ‘thing’ I thought stunk, really was just as funky if not more funky, than I thought.  And I said ‘dag, I wouldn’t have ever done that to him.’

    Now after both of these situations, what I realized first is what came naturally, what I was prepared to say would identify me with the person I was, but not who I am. I really truly wanted to say and be the one to ‘shut all that down’ lol. But, I remembered THIS BATTLE IS NOT YOURS.  I’m not saying I’m a victim, what I am actually saying is I feel like a victim when who I am NOW won’t let me respond the way I truly want too. Have you ever just wanted to give somebody a look like,
                                                       ME tho? Come on, ME?
 Lmbo I hope all this is making sense, this won’t be a long entry.

I pray someone is reading this and knows that once you’ve been delivered from something. Once you’ve chosen to follow Christ, you will have an internal struggle throughout life where you want to be the person you prayed to be delivered from. Even if you only ‘want’ ‘need’ to be that person for 5min. it’s too long.

Simply put, God uses people. Some relationships will END because otherwise you or the other person will never learn the necessary lesson until YOU LOSE what was worth fighting for.  In this moment I’m forcing myself to remember that I am God’s daughter and every promise HE has made to me regarding every enemy. Moreover, I’m remembering that even my enemies are God’s children and I’m required to love them even when they don’t deserve it.. My love is through prayer, prayer that they are delivered from everything that binds them. That they repent for being less than God’s best in the midst of a test and that although our relationships have ended, the lesson was worth the pain.

I choose love! Love in this season means letting you go!

The End!




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