Instasham 'No Filter'

Over the past few weeks I’ve had several conversations about Instagram. I was impressed by some of the convos and affirmative statements made about the social site. I decided I still would not join but I respected it in a new light. THEN a couple things happened that made me say seriously, it should be called INSTASHAM! lol

I remember I met my BF at the most inopportune time of my life. I was mortified that I’d just met him when I was at my perceived lowest time in my life. I just kept saying to myself, this isn’t ME. He has no idea who I really am; and as a result I tried to push him away. Fast Forward, I realize now that he had to see me in a way that no other person I’d dated ever saw me in order for me to receive him and respect him for what I always wanted but never knew how to embrace. I know I said allot without saying much at all, but I hope you understand, lol.

The point is, if you only show people the person you want them to see, will they ever really know you? Furthermore if you are hurting but the person that God sent to heal your pain has no idea, how would you be healed? Man perception and image truly seems like the devil to me yall.  When I started taking acting classes I remember I would wear sweats, no make up and sneakers to class. I knew I had to be able to access emotions that may hurt, my fears may be revealed, etc and it was easier for me to ‘go there’ if I was already showing you sweats and no makeup. Otherwise I would have to kick off Dior boots when I was telling you about my daddy issues and that was too much for me.  Because, people would undoubtedly say, I had no idea girl you always look so…
and I just can’t shake the idea that, that’s the barrier we are creating on instagram and validating when people ‘like’ our ‘IMAGING/BRANDING/PERCEPTION/PUBLIC PERSONA’ 

Now to each his own, I’m an avid twitterer and every thing has its positive and negatives and not everyone is instashaming but I couldn’t help but place something on your hearts that I feel may help someone, somehow. 

Some people don’t say ‘ I’m hurting’ they say ‘I’m drunk again’.
Some people don’t say ‘I’m lonely’ they say ‘ Who wants to come watch Temptation with me’.
Some people don’t say ‘I’m insecure’ they say ‘Time for bed, aren’t my pj’s cute’
and some people don’t say anything they just consume themselves with looking at ‘imaging’ that others put out there and comment to third parties about what they’ve seen.

Don’t miss someone’s cry for help because it’s wrapped in deuces, duck lips and selfies.  If you can control it, it’s fake, it’s fleeting and it’s fluff. Understand that God doesn’t choose those who others felt were qualified, HE qualified those HE called.  Fall in LOVE with YOU, the YOU that you are RIGHT now so God can use you. I'm not saying a social site has to be your diary but I'm saying your social site is just that, a social site don't be motivated by other people reactions. Don't operate to get a reaction and don't project an image that isn't who you are. It's ok to be pursuing, it's ok to be in between jobs. Maybe this is your single season,  Maybe being saved will save you,  Perhaps being home on a Saturday night because you have finals will produce the work ethic necessary to get you where you want to ultimately be, being a mom is your blessing, being a husband is your blessing. Don't call your BLESSING A CURSE because it wasn't HOTT on instagram! 

Thanks for reading and Happy Happy Holidays!
Wishing you all many Miracles and Blessings
 Love Kiva!


  1. Lovely post. Thank you. x



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