Hey Friends,

 There is a new web series coming out NOVEMBER 5, 2013 entitled BLACK ACTRESS by Andrea Lewis. I am awestruck by Andrea's vision and her ability to capture the Audition process and the life of an Actress in such a genuine fashion, THEN she ups the ante by offering an in depth look into what being a BLACK actress includes. Black Actress is a Web Series celebrating black actresses while giving you a peek inside the ups & downs of the acting industry.Yall it's real, It's funny and it's inspiring. This Series will start so many beautiful, healthy and necessary conversations and I encourage you guys to share it, talk about it and lets deal with who we want to be and not how it's always been. Be INSPIRED to DO!

I had the pleasure of shooting one of the skits that serves as sort of a prelude to the upcoming web series. I'm honored to have been apart of this project because it really required me to think about what my journey means to me and what it will mean to others. I tend to get caught up in the now so much that I don't focus on what MY DOINGS will inspire beyond me. It's not about me!! it's bigger than me and I want to create the legacy that I will leave behind. My 'struggle' doesn't have to be someone else's struggle. In fact my struggle could have very well been the reason someone else will not have to struggle in years to come.

"When your why for doing something is strong enough, it will make your HOW TO do it obsolete"
                                                                                                                    -Johnathon Prince

Be Blessed and Thanks again for watching and reading!!


Love, Nikiva Dionne


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