Reversing the CURSE

  Today is a beautiful milestone for me. I completed a 90-day Bible challenge today! I have ALWAYS wanted to read the bible front to back but I’ve never disciplined myself enough to do so. I often will begin and in the moment I NEED something, I skip to a scripture that I KNOW will feed that ‘perceived need’.  It took the 88 days (I didn’t use the 2allotted grace days) of reading the Bible in this disciplined manner to realize that EVERYTHING that is written in HIS WORD is written to FEED. No matter what scripture you read, expect it to feed your soul for that is, its purpose.  Some days were harder to complete than others but once the goal is accomplished the harder days seem so foreign.  I’m one of those people where if I write it down, than Its mandatory and that’s now how I regard the word of GOD. IT’S MANDATORY. So with that being said. I’m proud of my commitment to Christ. My decision that HIS word is that primal in my life that I need it daily and for 88 days I needed whatever word HE assigned for that day. I’m on assignment guys. So often I realize HE is preparing me for so many things. HE is genuinely giving me ‘quiet’ time for a reason. HE is feeding me in preparation for so many moments yet to come. It’s been SLOW, business wise, this last nearly 3months and I think it’s for a reason and if the vision is for an appointed time, than I must be obedient in preparation to HIS promises. I want to look like my best self as I walk into the best HE has for me. I pride myself on not smoking and not drinking and all these things I’m not or don’t do but there are several things I need to NOT DO, LOL. (Internal thoughts: MANnnn, GOD when I said YES, you have made me say NOOOOO to EVERYTHING, lol)

   Soooooo, I’m NOT cursing anymore! God has promised me all these amazing things and HIS word cannot lie and out of the same mouth cannot flow blessing and cursing. I know HE has given me a blessing to speak into the lives of others so I need to do my part to ensure, what I say doesn’t have an ill reflection of what HE will be speaking through me.  If you know me, you know I NEED YOUR PRAYERS! Lol Something tells me this is such a major part of what HE is doing through me and I can’t believe that something that seems so small could very well be the key to unlock so many promises.  Can you believe I’m crying as I write this? Do I love cursing or am I realizing that something so ridiculous has such a hold on me? MY GOD!  I TRUST YOU and I GIVE EVERYTHING TO YOU!

  Be inspired friends, Be uncompromising in your pursuit and BE! BE everything that HE has told you, you are. Require those around you to BE and to see the BEing in you. Unfortunately as you Become, others may not see YOU just yet, understand that you’re not required to make anyone understand or see your DESTINY. Give everything to the Master and when HE says Leave, Go, Stay, Stand, just be obedient! People who should BE by your side, WILL!

ps: Bad company corrupts character, I'm blessed to know that God is surrounding me with 'company' that looks more like where I'm going than where I've been.  


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