HAPPY 2year Dreamaversary

  When I left my job I went through a brief identity crisis. For the first time since 6th grade I didn’t have a ‘socially acceptable’ job. I couldn’t say I work in the BCBG Showroom in NY,  I’m a DM for medi spa, I run a few of the LA based Free People stores. God sure knows how to humble you, lol. Now, I was an ACTRESS? And I put the question mark there because that’s how I said it.  I had friends saying, what are you going to do? I had family saying, Tommy you ain’t got no job (they still say that) , I would meet someone & they would say but do you have a survival job? and in my own voice I was saying GOD, what is next you know I got these bills ,rite.

I had always been the one who was early for work, who left late, who came in on her day off, who you had to make take her vacation time, who called when she was off and now GOD was saying. You did all of those things for them, what if I say I’M YOUR BOSS! You now work for GOD. You don’t have to wait a year for a raise, in fact I call it increase and I can give it as often as I see fit and I’m fair, you can have your day of Sabbath every week, you don’t have to punch in or out, you don’t have to worry about me ever replacing you, I won’t write you up because, I don’t judge, oh and you report to upper management, ME.

How did I ever become comfortable with doing more than required just to keep a job I was overqualified for? I became comfortable with receiving a pay check every 15days. I became comfortable accepting a ration when God was offering me overflow. I put my trust in companies who I worked tirelessly for when God wanted to give me rest and was only asking for my heart.

2years later I remember being on my knees in the bathroom of the first & most successful store I’d opened and saying God what ever you tell me to do I’ll do it. That was the most freeing moment of my life. He chose me. I was a good & faithful servant, I was faithful over my little, I never took for granted any opportunity but God said, your joy will never come from man again.  I’ve never been so proud of the woman I’m becoming.  I’m serving God in every aspect of my life, I praise him with every inch of who I am, I seek him in every decision, situation and relationship and I’m trusting him.  The bills have been paid, I’ve received increase, I’ve messed up and he didn’t fire me. I wish everyone that has ever known me, knew the woman I am becoming this very day. I’m on assignment to make God famous! 
So often people say, You have such a beautiful spirit and I’m always humbled because I realize it’s another opportunity to give God the glory. 

Never accept a feeling of lack when you made a decision to follow the one who doesn't lack. Trust God to do everything HE said HE would do. Romans 8:30 says and I believe

                           Moreover whom he did predestine, them he also called; and who he called,
                           them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified

I'm Nikiva Dionne and 2years later I'm a full time Actress/Model and employee of the most high. 

Thanks for your constant support

                   Nikiva Dionne


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