Stepping out on Faith no LITERALLY I AM

I celebrated my 1yr 'Dreamaversary' this past August and I blogged that I would do something BIG to commemorate it.. I knew what I wanted to do but I hadn't done it until this past Sunday...

Guess What I did!!!!

 I got a tattoo (whispering, don't tell my agents) 

I found out an old friend of mine is one of the biggest Tattoo artist in Bmore so on my Thanksgiving trip I got Tatted by Mike Raggs!! 

Most of you know I left my job 15mths ago to pursue Acting and Modeling full time and I can honestly say my life is truly a testimony of the immense power of FAITH. I've been asked several times How? Well, my answer is always a resounding "you must have FAITH". When your seeking God and his purpose for your life, your life no longer makes sense.. When God tells you to move, you must move and be prepared to say 'Lord what ever you want me to do, I'll do it'. That means when business is slow, when business is consistent, when $ is short, when nothing seems to be working out, when every opportunity seems to be lining up, through the good and the bad your FAITH in his promise is what keeps you going.

So in honor of my 'Step of Faith' one year ago... I got my life's testimony tatted on me.. It's pretty simple, nothing more, nothing less than an unwavering
_ _ _ _ _

So if you live in Bmore or are Traveling to the area be sure to check out 
   Davinci Tattoos
Artist: Raggs


  1. Looks awesome!! Continue to keep God first. Much success to you.


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