I'm starting to realize that the best experiences always have a beautiful story behind them and my experience with Elizabeth Laine handbags is no different.

I'm leaving church a beautiful sunday morning after sowing a seed that was pretty "ambitious" for the inconsistant $ I make, as a fulltime actress/model, nonetheless I acted on faith and wrote the check. No sooner than I turned on my phone as I approached my car on the church parking lot I read an email from a handbag designer. The designer had seen my portfolio and was interested in me representing her new 2011 look book and online store. Basically, exactly the amount I sowed in church is what she offered to pay me for this 3hour shoot.. BUT GOD! (isn't he amazing)

The shoot was scheduled about 4weeks out and her communication was professional, consistent and we were all set to go.

Upon arriving at the shoot I learned the designer is a beautiful young black woman with an immense amount of talent and vision. Her concepts were amazing, she styled and directed a flawless shoot with her makeup artist and photog who she had worked with previously.

I was INSPIRED by her excitement and vision. It was a great shoot the images are beautiful and have already been added in my portfolio and her bags are super HOT!

Great team, clear concept and direction and really nice people and product.. I left the shoot so excited about the work we had done and I couldn't wait to share the images with you guys..

Please check out the extremely nice, detail oriented, perfectionist of a photog at www.py25.com
I'm looking into shooting with him again, I'll keep you guys posted.

Of course checkout the beautiful handbag line www.elizabethlaine.com

No sugar: "Leap and the net will appear" -Killian

add'tl images can be seen in the portfolio tab

Thank you for your continued support

Nikiva Dionne


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