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The below video is a PSA for I shot this almost a year ago and I was so excited to get a link to the video, that I blogged about it immediately.. It will be airing in LA... so for those of you not in LA, here ya go,lol..

I remember shooting this PSA. It was on a day off when I was working full time and I worked all day on a set and lets just say i took a pay cut that day from my normal job,lol. Yet, i remember telling E, how tired I was but, how happy that day made me feel. I was in my element and able to soak up so much from an amazing crew. It was where I was introduced to "WOMEN IN FILM" and I was so inspired by the nearly all female cast and crew.

Well here it is how do you feel about my hair, HAAA.. I love my job ;-)
Add'tly here is the behind the scenes and inspiration behind this amazing PSA.

All I can say is.. God has given us all gifts and it's up to us to offer those gifts back to him. Love what you do and it won't feel like work.. Life isn't about settling.

"The proof is in the sacrifice"
thnx so much for your support

Daniel's Place PSA: behind-the-scenes video from Elizabeth Bayne on Vimeo.


  1. Small freakin' world, really small, I sent you a message about this last year, cause I knew it couldn't be the same place I work at, not my Daniel's place that I hold groups at.... but there is Emily and Stephanie in the video. I work at Daniel's Place cuz, and I had no idea. Go figure.

  2. SHUT UP MALC!!! That is crazy.. yes this world is so small. My goodness! Well tell them thats your cousin in their PSA,lol...

    luv ya and thanx for always supporting

  3. Yeah, I just talked to Emily earlier today, I'm going over there today, so I will, lol, wow, amazing


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