I’ve been wanting to blog all week however I haven’t felt inspired. I know it sounds stank, for lack of a better word, but I’ve been in a weird place. I can’t say “nothings” going on but I don’t know if I’ve been centered enough to “respect” what’s going on. Needless to say, I felt inspired last night.

So Tyrese (actor/singer) tweeted an interview with Beyonce and Oprah that I believe took place over a year ago.  I took away one thing from the entire 14min interview. Beyonce said  “I sacrificed a lot growing up, I didn’t go to proms and games so I think I’ve worked hard and earned my success” that was a paraphrase.

Last week I had intentions on going back home to Maryland to surprise my mom for her birthday and also attending my high school annual rival football game.  I had some things in the works but I never make a definite move until I am CERTAIN I won’t miss an opportunity. Long story short, I wasn’t able to leave.

Needless to say, so much comes with following your dreams but the one thing that can truly feel debilitating is the feelings that NO ONE UNDERSTANDS. My goodness, I can be anti-social but there is nothing like feeling as if you are the only one who respects, understands, supports and encourages you. Of course my mom understands but I feel like "the people that sacrifice for you shouldn’t have to always sacrifice for you". (That may be a hard read, but read it again-I like it like that :-p)  I remember when I left for college my mom did everything she could, to make me feel like I had a piece of home with me in NY. I realize now that it was simply her way of supporting me. She didn't want me to feel like I was missing something as I went to pursue something else.  It’s the little things that keep a warm feeling in someone’s heart when they are facing cold times.

Anyway I wanted to write this piece as a declaration. I promise to DANCE! What I have sacrificed, what I aspire to be, who I’ve met, who I’ve loved, who I’ve inspired, who I’ve let down are all apart of this amazing journey. However, I have forgotten all to often, "TO DANCE". I think about how I wait for the phone to ring and I wait for an email to get an audition and then I get it, I go in and it's done in a couple min. However, each time you have the opportunity to DO what you love you should "DANCE" in it. Furthermore each day is apart of the preparation for what could be your big day, but you must enjoy every day so that you don't begin to live for a 'big day' rather you’ll have an experience, a pursuit, a journey with far greater value.

I’ve met people on some of my “WEAKEST” days and more times than one a total stranger will tell me how amazing my spirit is, or how they have a great feeling from my energy and more times than once my eyes have teared at that very moment because I realize they see my light even when it’s dem (I call those people angels,lol). You know Beyonce sacrificed early, maybe more than I did early on but this journey is just beginning for me and it hurts so good,lol.. I promise to blog again soon I have another “sacrifice” I know I should share with you guys, tell you soon ;-)

Mommy- Happy Birthday!!! I love you so much

No Sugar:  I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do it's called "I HOPE YOU DANCE" ;-)

Thanks for reading, CITY 4 eva
Nikiva Dionne


  1. YES, girl! We have to sacrifice a lot in this business (in life general) but have to keep in mind what it's for. Too many people focus on immediate validation that doesn't get them anywhere. But only hard work rewards us with true contentment and enjoyment of the time we have with our loved ones...


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