Vision over Visuals

This month has been dry. Which in the acting world means very slow! However I can say I was able to check a few very important things off of my to do list.  You know that’s the thing with this career, you will really have to be prepared to invest in yourself even w/out seeing the immediate R.O.I. However, even after experiencing the slowest month I’ve seen in terms of auditions and bookings I’m no further behind than I was last month. Which lets me know go God is making ways.

My Bishop has preached sermons about how you can’t expect others to understand your vision and how he will remove some people and place others in your life who will be apart of your next level.

With that being said one of the most important and vital lessons I’ve learned is that you must market yourself appropriately in this business. So I dedicate the month of October to “Marketing Me”
I’d love your feedback on what can make these things better or what you appreciate about them.

 My Blog Now reflects the vision I’ve had since June. I ‘ve reached out to web designers over the past couple months and I was adament about this very simple vision I had. A few of them pushed to develop a website for me, others said they could do what I wanted and gave me their quotes. While some of the quotes were pretty reasonable I didn’t feel like anyone had any personal connection to what would be “my baby”. So I did it myself,lol.. There a several things that I still need to play around with however, I can honestly say I sat back with the biggest smile because this is how I saw in my head….yay!

I am hands down a hustler and I have been grinding, free lancing, booking as an unrepresented actress/model/host but, it feels good to know that I now have national representation that met me, saw my talent, and believe in my potential enough to say “WE would like to represent you.” Although, I have to admit trying to get me to stay off of casting sites and submitting is torture. I literally invested all of those hours to the other successes I’ve had this month so it’s already paying off. I’m in a transition, trying to get out of my NY hustle and into my bigger picture perspective and let others do their jobs. WORK IN PROGRESS ;-)

I’ve needed commercial head shots for some time now but I really put my full court press on and contacted photogs and really made myself flexible and available to get a head shot that represented me in a girl next door commercial fashion.

S/O to  Photographer Chopper at

Chopper and I had an hour long shoot where we produced some amazing images that I’m still trying to narrow down. Chopper, thanks so much for being so reliable and such an easy photog to shoot with. I hope to work with you again in the future.

Here is one of the images from our shoot please visit the CAMERA tab for add’tl images from our head shot shoot

I am so lucky to have 3 wonderful people so close to me that truly believe in my potential. 

Mommy- For EVERYTHING! Goodness, you can hear in my voice exactly what I need to get me through my day, how do you do that? I try to lie but you can tell. You have heard me at my most vulnerable times and at my most confident and your support is unwavering. Thank you for always being in my ear and reinforcing what has already been revealed In God’s plan. You have NO IDEA how much it means to know you support me.

Cam- You are the only person that calls EVERYDAY and even when I’m focused and rushing you off the phone, even when I’m in a slump and sounding like death, your friendship is so consistent. I have no idea how you get even more excited about my baby victories than I do, especially when you don’t even know what half of them are,lol. Nevertheless, In case I don’t tell you as much as you tell me I’M PROUD OF YOU.  Thank you sooo much for being my cheerman ;-)

Enss- I still can’t believe you exist on the west coast, lol. Maybe it’s because you aren’t from here. I have known you about 2 seconds compared to most of the people in my life yet you support me like you’ve shared my dreams all my life.  You are selfless, you are honest, you are so determined to do WHAT EVER YOU CAN and you are truly a blessing. For these reasons I value your opinion so much more than you can imagine. You are my smile on those rough days, you are who I look forward to seeing. Thank You for encouraging me, and believing in me and ALWAYS trusting my capabilities and potential.

Knowing that you guys believe in me so much makes me even more determined to succeed.

No Sugar: This month was a monetary struggle but an invaluable success.

                                 “Your vision must override your visuals”

Thank you for reading it means so much to me



  1. Hey Cuz, make sure you have a certain time period for your "Representation" to get you gigs. If you are not seeing anything; PLEASE don't let other opportunties pass you by. In fact, I'd encourage you to still go out for other stuff, and if you are so blessed to get a gig by yourself, then send them to your representation to work things out. Just my two cents ;)


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