When I began this blog I mentioned how important it is for me to get your feed back, opinions and feelings. This entry is one of those REALLY important times.

In the acting business it’s honestly not nearly as important how you see yourself as it is detrimental for you to market yourself how you believe others will “buy you, accept you, receive you, believe you etc.”

With that being said

Think of your favorite TV shows

Think of your favorite commercial

Now look at my head shots and think about me in the extent to which you know me (if you don't know me, even better ;-) 

Can YOU see ME playing any role in particular?

*Can you see me working at McDonald's in a McDonald's commercial?
*Could you see me as a customer in a walmart commercial?
*Can you see me playing the girl friend, wife , daughter, or coworker on you fav.
*Could you see me playing a young mom? Or could you see me playing a college student?

When I ask these questions I want you to take into consideration if I could physically be accepted in the role. It’s the role more so than the "look". I already know who people say I “look like” or “favor”, so that’s not what I’m looking for.

*If  I were being cast for MARTIN. Could I be cast as

 Pam the painfully honest, not so confident, snappy, slick mouth best friend


Gina the girl next door, supportive, accepting, pretty pulled together professional girlfriend?

I can’t wait to hear your responses. 

I’ll tell you later how I plan to apply the info I gather from you all…

Thanks so much for reading your support is invaluable...

"The proof is in the sacrifice"



  1. A few roles i see..
    In headshot 1 i see girl next door, macy's shopper,model type,
    headshot 2, hipster, edgy, student, funky, "urban"

    headshot 3, mom, lawyer, secretary
    headshot 4, teacher, dancer, young mom

  2. Headshot 1 - Makeup; Revlon type commerical
    Headshot 2 - Def. GoodTimes, lol, no seriously a sitcom; as the next door neighbor, could be the smart mouth sassy neighbor or the business professional, could go either way.
    Headshot 3 - Not feeling this one; got nothing for you (Sorry; the director in me is coming out, lol)
    Headshot 4 - Def. a movie pic; see you as the head of some evil secret society or something.

  3. Vvery interesting...- I got even more different vibes from them.
    1 is a very feminine, beautiful, strong and confident leading lady to me. Definitely the lead, a lawyer on boston legal or a funny business woman in a romantic comedy
    2 is anice, younger, down to earth, girl next door look for me. But it's kinda lacking your depth a little. Would be good for most commercials though!!
    3 is my favourite, cause it' very open, versatile and the most you. Works for almost everything cause its neutral. You look good, yet down to earth
    4 i don't like as much. I don't see the hair back on you that much and find it extremly flattering to see the whole beauty of your crazy afro :)


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