3K miles to learn dogs Poop everywhere???

I’m originally from Baltimore. However I spent 5 years in NYC and I’m fast approaching year #4 in L.A. (I know crazy, time flies)
Before I explain my ”claim” I’m going to provide an example of my pts.

N.Y. When I went to NY with my mother to scope it out, determine where I’d live, etc. we were on 40th and Broadway in the middle of the Columbus Day parade. We had no idea they even held a Columbus Day parade. Nevertheless, we were in the midst of it and it’s thousands of attendees. After being turned around and nearly run over by a few people we saw a cop and with a sigh of relief rushed over to ask for directions.. It went like this

Mom: “ooohh  Kiva hurry up, ask that cop where 5th ave. is.. “
Me: “Hi excuse me, is there anyway you can point us towar___________”

Yeah, he was gone… He walked away just as we were asking him a question. I didn’t know until I moved to NY that things like that happen. I’ll explain Y later

L.A. One of my first jobs when I moved to L.A. was sales in the designer dept. in Nordstrom. I had just finished my shift and I was headed to an audition, that I was running late for, (and eventually missed) when I was stopped in my tracks. I ran smack into this little ity bitty woman and her HUGE, well known, actor husband. Anywhoo as my eyes traveled up to his face instantly I had a huge cheeseburger smile and to my surprise. He did too.

Me: oop excuse me I wasn’t even… oh, Hi how are you
Him: Heeeeyy, How you been?
Me: (ugh u don’t know me) I’m good nice seeing you
Him: Noo it’s nice seeing you again what you up to these days
Me: (ok he really has me confused but im no fool) modeling more than acting but still looking to make that permanent transition.
Him: I here that, God, I’m trying to remember the last time I saw you, what was that project we were on…
I had never seen him in person, the convo. Continued with him of course able to get me in a movie…

Now I hate to leave you hanging but I have to jump back to the east coast and the pt. I’m making.

Before I begin, If you are from New York or from L.A. you most likely will not be able to relate 100% to what I’m about to say. If you are from another city and have lived in both NY and L.A. holla at me, lol

Now in just a few words I’m going to make my pt.

NY Thought process:
* I have no time to waist explaining to you what you can figure out on your own
*Your doing way to much talking when you could be working
*I don’t have to know your name or ever hang out with you and we can work together for 10years, as long as I’m doing my job and your doing yours, we’re good.
*Why are you smiling? U must not be from here
*Look there’s always a way, figure it out
*I’m saying doe Ma, I be in the studio…. I be doing that.. I be doing this…

L.A. Thought process:
*I’ll probably never see you again so let me say what u want to hear to get what I want
*Do you know______? Can you get me_______? Ok, then well I have your number let’s do lunch
*So and So sent me so I’m on the list? No list? No referral? Nothing I can do? Your resume is irrelevant
*I can make sure you meet the people you need to meet. You want another drink?
*Yes, I’ll call you. I’m casting this project, if you want in, you’re in.

No one cares who you know if what you do doesn’t make his or her lives easier. It’s not about being social it’s about results. I have no time to waist introducing who I know, here’s what I do... I have no faith in what you can do because I haven’t seen what you can do. There aren’t chances based off of who you know. You don’t get an opportunity to show what you can do, you take the opportunity and then you have a “rightful place” that you will be supported in.  Let me show you what I can do, so I’m going to sing rite here on the st. corner, in the train, under the lamppost, etc. As a result of your character and because they now know that you can “hang” you will birth friends for life that will do anything in the world for you at any time.

People come and leave every day. Most people will give up on the dream they initially came here to pursue I honestly don’t need to invest in you because you aren’t anyone. I need you to introduce me to her, who can make sure I meet him, so that I can get in to his private parties and hopefully get a meeting to read for him sometime. I don’t recognize you and I don’t know your name so you should know me cause I “kinda” have a name because I hang out with so and so’s little sister because my friend from high school does her hair. I said all of this to say. Since Hollywood is built on make believe I think the people have embraced that concept into their own lives. You aren’t embraced for your talent until you get an award so it’s not about what you did here, it’s about who field of vision you were in long enough to say, hey she doesn’t need to read for the part I want her. This isn’t just in the acting business. It’s in every day life. It’s almost like the harder you work the more your resented because they already planned on giving their friend the position and now your working hard to get and keep it, so your messing up the plans.

Now here’s MY POINT!!!

The mentality is different. I can arguably justify the pros and cons of both but I want you to take away my perception.

If you’re used to knowing that you won’t be respected until you prove you can hold your own weight. Then you find yourself in a place where you can’t get an audition because you don’t know the casting director yet this chick can’t deliver a line but has booked the part.. U know I wanna scream!!!! So what do you do?

Hell, I don’t know but here’s what I’m doing

1)Weeding out the fake!
People here don’t appreciate things you do for them as a result of your friendship or respect for them. So you rarely meet someone and establish a relationship of reciprocity. It’s almost like you are there best friend until they don’t need you anymore.
2)You connect with people from the east coast who respect ya grind, lol
3)You trust people until they eff you over, than you cut em off and when they come back it becomes a training wheel friendship that you have to take slowly and not ask for too much they aren’t “use” to giving

Most importantly

You stay prayed up. You ask God into every aspect and facet of your life. You ask him for the people you meet, you ask him for the food you eat, you ask him to keep the roof over your head, you ask him ,you ask him, you ask him, and you thank him for the people you had before all of this started that are still there.

The reality of it is, you can meet a snake anywhere. You just can’t allow them to turn you into one. People that I meet now that are confident and secure in who they are as a person only want to produce quality, they don’t want the “who knows whos”. However people that are still seeking there next break without truly thanking and seeking god for bringing them this far are the ones to look out for. Unfortunately, the people that I’ve met in Cali worth spending time with are the ones you rarely can find the time to see. Which is probably because they have the work ethic that keeps them focused just like you, so your paths rarely cross.

Me: I’m exactly where I need to be. Creating characters from the people I meet and loading my bag of tricks for when God places me in the opportunity he sees fit.

No sugar: Dogs shit EVERYWHERE , east and west coast and everywhere in between it’s up to you to ensure you recognize it so you don’t step in and remember YOU are your ONLY competition, because what God has for YOU is for YOU!

Thanks for reading “the proof is in the sacrifice” NIKIVA DIONNE


  1. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL its funny babe but its very true hence the old saying NEW YORK "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere" nothing in life thats worth having is ever handed to you and life on the whole is hard and New York prepares you for that....


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