What Kiva's pregnant???? No way

Some title's you just KNOW will get people to click on,lol..
Check out the below video with artist Jay Prepp.

Thank you! Shooting with you and your team was an amazing experience. You are such an awesome guy and extremely talented. Oh, and the only Man who's ever got me pregnant...

But seriously, u rock man.. U totally worked around my schedule so that I wouldn't miss out on other projects, thanks so much for supporting my hustle and I am truly a big fan, dude.. Let me know if u need anything, I'll make sure my whopping 20 friends check u out,lol

Give me your feedback guys, I love the concept of the video.. I have literally picked myself apart. I tell you, I try to do the natural hair thing but u know what, NEVA AGAIN.. lol..Tyra u can have it.

video and album link below. COP IT! (do people in the music industry still say, cop it?) lol
Thanks again JP, califlirtation baby :-)

video link

album link

Can't wait to hear the reviews

"The proof is in the sacrifice"
          luv u guys

nikiva dionne


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