How much can you afford to lo(o)se?

“What you walk away from, determines what you walk into”

I got this quote from rev. run, I’m not sure if he is the one who spoke it first but I wanted to give credit to who shared it with me, at least, lol…

This quote speaks volumes about so many different facets of life.I can recall definitive experiences where I learned that God was moving me away from people, jobs, etc. I began to realize in midst of these situations that It’s always God’s whisper. When I express a need he whispers to me what it is time to “die to”., in order to move towards this need.  It’s amazing ! Every time that it registers that the experience I’m going through is a result of him moving me closer to where I need to be, almost instantly I’m delivered from a place, a hang up, a relationship etc. that before would have seemed debilitating to live without. (now it takes me a while sometimes to realize it's his whisper, but when i realize it, I'm out,lol)
This Blog entry was just going to be a quote of the week however, it means sooo much to me that I had to dedicate an entry to walking away, to walk into

Example of My mental struggle:
*Kiva if you wouldn’t have walked away from that relationship, you wouldn’t have found the person your with who treats you better

So in essence when there is someone “standing in the gap” they are blocking the place where the person who is better for you is suppose to be

Think about the “gap dwellers” in your life.
(yes darn it, I talk to myself, lol)

Over Roscoe’s I chatted with my good friend Xem about knowing when to let go and not becoming comfortable and I shared with him a principle that is so intimate to me.

I am 3k miles away from my closest family and friends because I want to pursue my dreams. However, I was (and fight the urge, now) in a full time job just so I can keep my Apartment, Car and comfortable amenities.

So big picture perspective is
I was willing to compromise the millions God has promised me, to hold onto the lifestyle I have now, because it’s comfortable and I can’t imagine having any less.

Guys, I have a sign on my front door that says

“I will loose(lose) all I have, to achieve this promise”

Once this concept got through to me after 3.5 yrs of living in L.A. I felt so foolish for doing so much to hold on to what will never be enough for me anyway. (message)lol

When I left NY I went back to Baltimore. I had a Benz, a job that I loved, and a boyfriend who I had been with for several years who finally wanted to do everything I said I needed, except support me within my dream. SO I left Baltimore, my family, my comfort zone, the one job I actually loved that loved me back,  the man who I had grown with and loved me and I took a chance. However, I got here and got caught up into making it and forgot i was here to make it


This is how technical, intellectual and expressive xem and our convos get over chicken and waffles… see if u can follow the diagram,lls.. luv u xem (we are going to take this seminar on the road)

No sugar: OMG I can’t imagine how my life would be had I never taken certain chances. I stay so prayed up, I have to get to church because I need to drench myself in the concept that my pain is apart of god’s promise. That relationship needs to end, in order for you to meet the man you are suppose to be with. You may have to loose your job in order to have the heart to start your own business. There is Pleasure in Pain. Remaining faithful is the answer to every question that will arise. To get the job I took a pay cut, he made sure the bills got paid, when it was time to move my new apartment cost more, he provided the raise, when the relationship was no longer a mutually beneficial environment, he comforted me and gave me a clear head and warmed my heart for the selfless supportive man I know now, The pt is... He will provide. He always has and he always will

"The Proof is in the sacrifice"
Thanks so much for reading



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