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Hey Guys,

   I haven't been great at blogging lately. I've actually been blogging for a christian blog and I didn't realize it would drastically effect my presence on my personal blog. However, it's a ministry and I will remain obedient but I will also become more discipline at posting here!! With my apologies out of the way this entry is to say THANK YOU for your support and to ask for your support as well.

   So imagine I was in a film and you were going to the movies to buy a $12.00 ticket so you could support the film. But, I'm actually not in a movie in fact I'm in a really cool webseries that you can watch NOW on Issa Rae's You Tube channel called 'Get Your Life'. If you really love me you've already seen it and if you enjoyed season one, you will be SOOO PUMPED at the opportunity to be apart of the making of SEASON 2 by DONATING!!!

Link to Donate BELOW!!

Thank you guys! For reading this. For supporting my journey and for recognizing the efforts of independent artist and using your coins to say, I want to see more of THIS! ALSO, RT'ing the above link on Twitter or posting on other social sites is also a big help in spreading the word. 

I'm grateful and I will talk to you guys soon, I promise!!

"The proof is in the Sacrifice"
Nikiva Dionne


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