Help my friend BEAT CANCER

Hi Friends,

I learned last week that a beautiful, talented women that I had the pleasure of costarring in a play w/ was recently diagnosed with Cancer.  First thing I did was pray and the next thing I did was reach out to Tarsha to simply be ANOTHER reminder of How faithful God is. God told me Tarsha will beat Cancer and he also told me that this diagnoses gave her PURPOSE. It made everything more urgent, each day more special and that her impact is now imperative.

I want to introduce you guys to Singer/Actress Tarsha Rodgers and give you guys an opportunity to pray for her and her family, support her music and her new purpose in the Revlon Walk for breast Cancer.

This life is not about us. It’s about effecting people and during such a brief time working w/ Tarsha she effected me.

Each day God gives us marching orders, let’s live to be obedient to our purpose and grateful for what he protects us from and what he trust us to come thru.

Breast Cancer Walk or Donate

Team: Double Tees



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