Celebrate those who Celebrate you

This past weekend my nieces were with my Mom. As we all skyp'd I joked with them about how lucky they are to have a GRANDMA like the one they have.  A day later I received mail from AUNT THELMA. God is truly amazing, for everything you 'don't have' he has equipped you with so many things and people to fill the gap. Everyone should have an AUNT THELMA :_)

More often than not, I make excuses for people in my life by saying "They don't understand" "You can't support something you don't get" but My AUNT THELMA who lives wayyy in VA. and has most likely never had a desire to be an Actress, doesn't have to understand, to encourage me. When you love someone u encourage, support and become a prayer warrior for their success.
Aunt Thelma sends cards for EVERYTHING and I KEEP EM 

Thanks Aunt Thelma, for ALWAYS being on time. When I don't realize I need an Aunt Thelma card, they come and ALWAYS make me cry, lol. YOU are the standard for others in my life and you are someone I desire to be more like. Your selflessness and consideration is so beautiful and truly a blessing.

The older I get the more I realize, that I'm lucky to have the people I still have in my life and that those people teach me how to be a better me because they celebrate the person I am and not the person I'm becoming. Thank God for the people who see your potential but LOVE YOU RITE WHERE YOU ARE and encourage you to KEEP GOING!

"Everything that is not given Is lost"-Mother Teresa
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